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How a Super Busy IT Professional REVERSED His Diabetes Without Medications?

Published on: Jun 05, 2024
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Rajesh Sahu, a 42-year-old IT professional in Bangalore, had been struggling with diabetes and dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) for the past two years.

With a family history of diabetes and heart disease, he knew he had to take quick action to avoid complications for himself. After trying various treatments without success, he felt lost in his search for effective ways to manage his health without relying on medications.

Then, a friend introduced him to Fitterfly, a program offering personalized guidance. This gave Rajesh the hope he needed and provided a clear path forward to regain control of his health.

What Were the Problems that Rajesh was Facing Before Joining Fitterfly?

Rajesh was living alone, and his lifestyle as an IT professional was sedentary. His primary challenge was that he didn’t know the right food for him.

He was also very stressed. On top of that, he exercised very little. All this was leading to more problems and making his diabetes worse.

How Fitterfly Helped Rajesh REVERSE his Diabetes?

Now, before we deep dive into how things we helped change for Rajesh, let’s have a quick look at his before and after numbers.

Fitterfly Diabetes Prime Program Impact

But how did he achieve this remarkable change in his Diabetes journey? It happened with Rajesh’s determination and our coaches’ dedicated efforts. Let’s read on.

From 1232 to 1035 Calories: How our Nutrition Coaches Helped Rajesh Make the Shift to Healthy Eating

Rajesh’s day-to-day diet included food like pakoras, sandwiches, and chole-bhature. He also did not have enough dal, dahi, or eggs. His diet had more unhealthy fatty stuff and very few protein-based items.

It was not a balanced meal at all, which led to consistent blood sugar spikes. With the help of Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) analysis, his Nutrition Coach found that whenever he had packed foods like chips and biscuits, his blood sugar spiked.

Now that we had details of what was going wrong in Rajesh’s diet, our Nutrition Coach was ready with the solution. Some of them are:

  • We replaced the usual high-fat meals of chole puri, aloo paratha, etc., with protein-rich foods like eggs and besan cheela and added more vegetables like palak, lauki, etc.
  • He loves rice. So, we advised him to switch to brown rice from white rice.
  • Rajesh was consuming too many aerated drinks. We swapped those for healthier options, like lemon water with chia seeds, which was very refreshing for him.
  • His evening snacks, too, were unhealthier, mostly fried food. He switched to a mix of nuts and seeds, fruit, or whey protein.
  • We also advised him to use natural fiber supplements before dinner, which improved his digestion and sugar control.

You might wonder how our Fitterfly coaches know what’s good for each member and how they make changes. Let’s take Rajesh’s example to explain how our coaches work.

Diabetes Reversal

To know your chances of  Diabetes reversal, take the Diabetes Reversal Test

Rajesh’s Breakfast Before The Nutrition Coach’s Intervention

One of the days, Rajesh’s breakfast was a large bowl of vegetable poha without peanuts. Here’s what happened to his blood sugar:

  • Before eating: His blood sugar was 122 mg/dL
  • 1 hour after eating: It spiked to 217 mg/dL

Before Program Results

Why This Spike Is a Problem

When you eat anything, your blood sugar rises naturally. This normal. However, for people with diabetes, it’s important to keep this rise within the “safe zone” of the graph at any time (70-180 mg/dL) to avoid future diabetes complications, high HbA1C, and a poor quality of life.

Rajesh’s blood sugar levels not only spiked outside this safe zone but also stayed high for a while.

What Our Nutrition Coaches Did

Our Nutrition coaches, with their expertise and with the help of Rajesh’s Personalized Glycemic Response (PGR Score) – which tells us how your blood sugar responds to specific foods – made modifications to the same breakfast:

  • Reduced Portion Size: They advised him to have a medium-sized bowl of poha instead of a large one.
  • Added Protein: They suggested adding two boiled eggs and sprouts to his breakfast.
  • Increased Fiber: They added sprouts and vegetables to the poha.

The logic behind these changes was deep.

  1. Proteins and Fiber: Adding protein (eggs and sprouts) and fiber (vegetables) helped slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, preventing sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.
  2. Balanced Meal: This new combination kept Rajesh’s blood sugar within the safe zone after eating, ensuring his levels didn’t spike dangerously high. At the same time, he was sufficiently full.

With the modified breakfast:

  • Before eating: His blood sugar was 100 mg/dL.
  • 1 hour after eating: It rose to only 122 mg/dL, staying well within the safe zone.

During Program Results

This simple yet effective adjustment allowed Rajesh to enjoy his favorite breakfast of poha without compromising his health.

That’s how our coaches apply this approach to every meal, ensuring you can still enjoy what you love while keeping your blood sugar in normal range.

From Stress to No Stress: How Our Success Coach Transformed Rajesh’s Mental Health

Our Success Coach’s (Mental Wellness coach) analysis said that Rajesh was stressed about many aspects like work, relationships, and his uncontrolled diabetes in general.

This was causing poor sleep and increasing junk cravings, which was, in turn, adding to his weight.

  • Our success coach taught Rajesh stress and time management techniques, self-forgiveness, gratitude, and relaxation practices. These changes drastically helped him focus on his health, reduce stress, and manage emotional and interpersonal challenges.
  • Techniques like cognitive delay and positive self-talk improved his eating habits while breathing exercises and better sleep habits enhanced his sleep quality.

How our Fitness Coaches Got Rajesh to Play Badminton Again!

Rajesh faced two major fitness issues that affected his health: He enjoyed cardio activities but struggled with strength training due to his busy schedule.

His demanding job and long periods of sitting led to weight gain, impacting his overall health. Our fitness coach reviewed his data and created a personalized plan to address these issues.

  • Rajesh loves playing badminton but couldn’t play due to muscle pain. Our fitness coach taught him strength-building exercises that significantly reduced his pain.
  • Our Fitness coach created a home workout plan tailored to his fitness level, set a daily step goal, and included daily stretches to enhance his flexibility.
  • These strategies increased his physical activity, reduced the effects of prolonged sitting, and improved his weight management and overall health.

HbA1c Dropped from 6.8% to 5.4% in 12 Months! – A HUGE Achievement

Rajesh’s commitment to the Diabetes Prime Program led to significant health improvements. He lost weight, reduced his hip and waist sizes, and improved his blood sugar levels.

He also became stronger and more flexible.

With this remarkable change, Rajesh now sleeps better and experiences less stress, anxiety, and depression. These changes show how a scientifically proven program like Fitterfly’s Diabetes Prime Program can effectively manage diabetes and improve overall health.

If you or anyone you know is struggling to manage diabetes, you can speak to one of our program advisors by just giving a missed call on 08069450746.

For more information on our program, check out Fitterfly’s Diabetes Prime Program. We are here to help you.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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