Diabetes Management

Diabetes & Your Workforce

According to research, 10% of your employees could have diabetes. And 20% could have prediabetes.*
Each of them costs you upwards of 1.8 lakh per annum or more.**

Reduce This Burden, Smartly

Unlike other programs, Fitterfly Diabetes harnesses the power of a non-invasive device known as AGM (Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring) - to offer personalised support. The 1300+ painless blood sugar readings from the AGM showcase how your diet & lifestyle affect your blood sugar levels. Based on these insights, you get personalised diet & lifestyle recommendations ultimately helping you control your blood sugars.

*Research shows that an organisation with 10,000 employees will have 20% pre diabetic and 10% diabetic patients ** This is the anticipated direct, indirect & loss of productivity cost for the first 4 years of a patient living with Diabetes. Based on data collected from over 5000 patients

Scientifically Proven Outcomes

Our outcomes have been presented at various International Conferences

Points droop in HbA1c

1.96 Points

Avg.HbA1C reduction1

Lost weight significantly


Avg. weight losss2

Have shown a significant drop inn blood sugar


improvement in physical fitness3

How Does This Benefit You?

Well, studies have shown that 1% drop in HbA1c reduces the risk of*

Diabetes related deaths


Diabetes related deaths

Heart attacks


Heart attacks

Kidney,Eye & Nerve complication


Kidney, Eye & Nerve complication




*Based on results from UKPDS Studies

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