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Healthy-diet,Success stories,Weight Management | By Dr. Sugandh Goel

Reset23 Success Story: How I lost 12 kg of post-pregnancy weight and regained my lost confidence

“After having my second baby, although my family was complete, I had a host of health problems that bothered me day in and day out. With Reset23, I discovered a […]

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Weight Management | By Debjani M Arora

20 ways to stick to your weight loss resolutions in 2022

Tried every trick in the book and still couldn’t stick to your weight loss resolution in 2021? Then, try these unconventional ones, which will set you up for success with a thinner waistline.

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Weight Management | By Dr. Sugandh Goel

7 Ways to avoid permanent weight gain this Christmas

Weight gain during the Christmas holidays may sound inevitable. But here are a few tips that can help you achieve your weight goals. For expert help, explore Reset23 – A digital weight loss program by Fitterfly.

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Diabetes Management,Healthy-diet,Weight Management | By Dr. Sugandh Goel

Indian superfoods versus international superfoods: More benefits, less cost

A new-age fad, ‘superfoods’, has become increasingly popular not only in the weight loss circles but also among health-conscious people of all ages — all thanks to social media trends and several YouTube & Instagram detox tutorials.

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Digital Therapeutics,Healthy-diet,Weight Management | By Fitterfly Team Nutrition

Doctors-diet-fitness-survey: High in fats, low in protein

Living the life of a medico is not easy. It requires dedication, competence and a lifestyle with long work hours and overnight shifts. Given this, developing and maintaining a healthy […]

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Diabetes Prevention,Diabetes Reversal,Fitness for Diabetes,PCOS,Weight Management | By Dr. Surya Menon (PT)

Love handles and 7 tips from a physiotherapist to get rid of them!

Despite their cute name, there isn’t much to love about love handles. Love handles are another name for the excess fat that sits at the sides of your waist and […]

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Weight Management | By Debjani M Arora

Reset23: Attain ideal Indian BMI through scientific weight management plans

Are you genuinely worried about your health and well-being? Are you trying hard to lose weight and live a disease-free life? Are you eating right to ensure you stay on […]

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Weight Management | By Dr. Anuradha Mandlekar (PT)

Types of exercises to lose weight and keep it off

Do you often wonder, watching other people exercise early in the morning (or in the evening) – walking, jogging, cycling – how they squeeze out time for it? Have you […]

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Diabetes Management,Weight Management | By Debjani M Arora

Menopause & weight gain | Who’s the culprit – hormones or you?

A woman’s life, more often than not, is controlled by her hormones. Don’t agree? Think of it – adolescence, puberty (menstruation), pregnancy and then menopause. In a way, women are […]

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Healthy-diet,Weight Management | By Fitterfly Team Nutrition

Intermittent fasting for weight loss – How it works

Intermittent fasting (IF), as the name suggests – it involves alternating cycles of fasting and eating. In your normal routine life, you already fast as you go to sleep. IF […]

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