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Structured 30 Day Regime

Meticulously designed 30 day program leveraging the Fitterfly coaching experience

24x7 Health Coaching

Personalised round the clock available AI coach, trained to talk with chronic disease patients

Increased Engagement & Compliance

Proactive coaching and engagement with behaviour modification built in to ensure compliance

Better Health Outcomes

Improvement in health markers like reduction in weight, glucose, blood pressure with custom developed diet, exercise and sleep interventions

Companion Therapeutics

Designed to support the therapeutic treatments as a supportive companion when on a drug regimen

24x7 Patient Support

Personalised patient assistance using an always available AI coach, with ability to respond to any drug specific nuances with content co-developed with partners

Increased Engagement & Adherence

Proactive coaching program to drive engagement and ensure adherence to drug regimen

Better Health Outcomes

Leverages the companion diagnostic & companion therapeutic approach to ensure the best drug + digital therapeutic combination outcomes

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Klik & Get Instant Nutritional Insights

Get ahead of your meals with our food camera. See the impact before you eat. No typing, just smart AI

JEDi is an empathetic conversational coaching AI that has been created using the Fitterfly knowledge base of clinical nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology & digital therapeutics and from our coaching expertise of 7+ years.

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