Diabetes Management

Fitterfly Diabetes Care Proven Methodology

Fitterfly Diabetes Care fills the gap between clinic visits and consultations by helping people with diabetes make lifestyle changes which are essential for achieving blood glucose control and prevent complications.

At Fitterfly Diabetes Care, we use personalized glycemic responses from AGM/ AGP or 20-point SMBG values to give recommendations for food, exercise and sleep. Whether it is micronutrient deficiencies, hypoglycemia episodes, high glycemic variability, self-care advice or getting them to be more active - our coaches handhold each patient personally via calls and chats to nudge them towards making the right choices.

Our outstanding outcomes are a testament to our approach based on empathy, engagement, cutting-edge technology & science

Scientifically Proven Outcomes

Our outcomes have been presented at various International Conferences

Points droop in HbA1c

1.96 Points

Avg.HbA1C reduction1

Lost weight significantly


Avg. weight losss2

Have shown a significant drop inn blood sugar


improvement in physical fitness3

Trusted by Doctors

Fitterfly Diabetes Care clinically-validated approach allows Doctors to offer & extend care beyond the clinic
while helping patients with diabetes get healthier.

Fitterfly Diabetes Care Outcomes Presented At

Fitterfly recognized by Chellaram Diabetes Institute Fitterfly recognized by AACE Fitterfly at Tedx Kanke

Fitterfly Diabetes Care Customer Stories

Real People, Unreal Results!!

Proven Outcomes For Patients

With Borderline Diabetes Prediabetes

With borderline

On Multiple OHAs Insulin

On multiple OHAs/insulin

With a Family History Of Diabetes

With a family history of

Newly with Diabetes

Newly diagnosed with

With Diabetes Looking to lose weight

With diabetes looking to
lose weight

Available In 2 Options

Program personalised based on the 20 blood sugar readings taken over 7 days on patient’s existing glucometer.

₹ 7499/-for 3 months (Inclusive of taxes)

Program personalised based on the 1300+ blood sugar readings taken painlessly over 14 days using AGM.

₹ 12,999/- for 3 months (Inclusive of device & taxes)