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Better Health
Help patients achieve their health goals with a structured, scientific and clinically-proven approach
Better Health Outcomes
Support Beyond the
Doctor's Clinic
Empower patients to navigate challenges and make the right choices in their daily lives
Support Beyond the Doctor's Clinic
The Next Level of
Expert Support
Discover the new-age advanced patient support powered by technology
The Next Level of Expert Support
Progress Tracking &
Habit Building
Product designed by experts in behaviour change to build healthy habit loops
Progress Tracking & Habit Building
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New age digital tools are expanding the therapy market

DTx as the first line of therapy is seeing increasing adoption
DTx as the first line of therapy is seeing increasing adoption.
Doctors are prescribing digital tools for their patients
Doctors are prescribing digital tools for their patients.
Co-development and distribution of digital therapies to enhance P&L

Fitterfly Solutions for Pharma Industry

Digital therapeutics can enhance pharma marketing, patient engagement, and therapy adherence.
Data dashboards offer valuable insights for decision-making and patient care.
Our AI Wellness coach which can help patients.
  • Increasing engagement on Pill plus initiatives
  • Always-on clinically proven, health coaching.
  • Improve medication & Rx adherence
  • Build brand loyalty with doctors
FTx Plugin
Our digital therapy plugin
  • Integrate FTx tools as a progressive web app within your app in 1 week
  • Clinically proven nutrition, stress, sleep, fitness tools
  • Engage patients, improve adherence & engagement.
FTx Plugin
FTx Plugin
Nutrition Tech tools
Most advanced Nutrition Database and Nutrition technology tools in India
  • Deploy various tested nutrition trackers for immunity, anaemia, sodium, weight loss, diabetes, pregnancy and heart disease.
  • Provide an advanced diet plan generator covering macro nutrients, 10+ micronutrients covering 32+ cuisines and in, 9 languages. Can be customised for age, gender, disease condition, BMI, comorbidities, allergies and medications.
  • Use India’s largest nutrition database currently used by top 10 pharma companies in India. API’s available for macronutrients, micronutrients, recipes, videos with tags for veg, non-veg, vegan, sodium, SAT, MUFA, PUFA etc
Nutrition Tech Tools
Nutrition Tech Tools
DTx patient support programs
Our AI Wellness coach which can help patients.
  • Diabetes programs – 6-12 month programs with 1:1 and group coaching.
  • Weight loss programs - 3-12 month programs for clinical weight loss
  • PCOS program
  • Heart Health programs focussing on reduction of blood pressure and ASCVD risk.
  • Low-cost customised programs: Build custom DTx programs for any health condition to support pharma initiatives.
DTx Patient Support Programs
DTx Patient Support Programs
New therapy development
  • Develop new standalone or companion DTx solutions for your therapy areas
New Therapy Development
New Therapy Development
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Our Technology Stack

How can Fitterfly Digital Tools Help Pharma Partners?

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