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Following the initiation process, our team will verify the details you provided within the next 30 days & send you a confirmation of account deletion via email & SMS. This policy mandates thorough checks to safeguard user data and privacy, reflecting our commitment to adhering to the highest standards of data security.

If you login into the app after submitting a deletion request, the user data deletion request will not be processed.

Provide Your Reasons

Select your reasons for deleting your account from the checkbox list and click "Continue."
Permanently Delete Account

I understand that by permanently deleting my account, I will no longer have access to:

  • My Fitterfly account
  • My data including my diary entries (food, activity, blood sugars and others)
  • My plans & reports (diet, physiotherapy, psychology)
  • My chat history
  • And any other information stored

I also understand that this action can't be undone and the information can't be recovered. In the future, if I choose to rejoin Fitterfly, I will have to start from scratch by creating a new account.

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If the user logs into the app after submitting a deletion request, the request will not be processed.