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Diabefly is a 3-month digital therapeutics program. We use a 360° approach with personalised nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress management to help you make sustainable changes in your lifestyle. The program has a team of 3 coaches & experts to focus on different aspects of your treatment. Diabefly reduces HbA1c without additional medications, reducing the risk of diabetes-related complications.

Reset23 is a 3-month doctor-recommended, personalised weight loss program for people with stubborn weight issues. The program uses a holistic approach that includes nutrition, fitness & stress management. It comes with a team of 3 dedicated coaches & experts to help you stay on track & monitor your progress throughout.

Physical Activity is one of the Modifiable Factors

Fitness Levels in Diabetes & Obesity

We have observed that over 94% of people with diabetes & obesity have poor fitness levels.

Impact of Poor Physical Activity

Low physical activity not only increases the risk of uncontrolled diabetes & obesity but also the likelihood of developing associated health complications and the frequency of experiencing musculoskeletal aches & pains

International Exercise Guidelines

International guidelines recommends that people should perform at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise & 2-3 days of strength training per week

Physical Activity is one of the Modifiable Factors

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