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How a 48-Year-Old Man Beat 12 Years of Diabetes: Vishal Kapoor’s Success Story

Published on: Apr 04, 2024
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He said “Mere 12 saal ke sabr ka fal meetha zaroor hai, wo bhi aisa meetha jisse mera blood sugar na badhe!!

But why did he say that, and why did he wait for 12 long years, and for what?

Meet Vishal Kapoor, a 48-year-old marketing professional who has had diabetes for 12 years. He tried multiple therapies and diet plans, but nothing worked.

His HbA1c level was very high, at 12.4. But when he completed the Diabetes Program with Fitterfly, it was 6.9. Yes! A huge drop. Sounds unbelievable? But it’s true!

Read about his journey with Fitterfy to know how he did this.

Disclaimer: When this video was shot, Vishal was enrolled in a 12-month Diabetes Prime Program, with his HbA1c at 7.2. After completing the program, his final HbA1c improved to 6.9.

How was Vishal’s Health Condition Before Joining Fitterfly?

Despite his efforts spanning over 12 years, including consultations with various doctors, experimenting with alternative therapies, and trying various fad diets, he found little success.

His symptoms persisted, impacting his daily life with issues such as frequent urination, hunger pangs, and weakness.

Because of his busy job in marketing and sales that involved a lot of travel and irregular eating times, Vishal had a hard time controlling his hunger and often ate meals from outside, which were predominantly unhealthy food.

However, upon encountering Fitterfly’s advertisement on Facebook, Vishal decided to give managing his diabetes another chance.

How Fitterfly Helped Him?

Our expert coaches started by analysing his current health condition in terms of nutrition, physical fitness, and mental wellness. This is what they found and subsequently helped him address his diabetes-related health issues.

1. Nutrition Coach Intervention

Vishal was consuming more millet-based rotis in his meals. He was unaware that, that was spiking his blood sugar levels which our Nutrition Coach analyzed by seeing his PGR scores (Personalised Glycemic Response). He was having unhealthy portion sizes, too.

  • To fix this unhealthy eating habit, our nutrition coach introduced portion control and meal timings, replacing bajra roti with atta besan roti, which helped him better manage his blood sugar levels.
  • To maintain his energy levels and manage hunger, nutritious options like meal replacers, mid-meal snacks, and protein-rich snacks like fruits, roasted chana, sprouts, and eggs were added. A medium bowl of salads and isabgol was also added to enhance dietary fiber.
  • His nutrition coach explained the concept of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) to help him understand why he was experiencing hunger pangs and helped him how to manage these symptoms.

2. Success Coach Intervention

Vishal was facing many problems that were affecting his health and happiness. He was struggling with issues like poor sleep, low energy, and difficulty focusing due to stress and anxiety.

He couldn’t maintain a regular eating schedule, worsening his stress and physical health. Communication problems and managing emotions, especially with family, added to his challenges.

His fluctuating blood pressure indicated the serious impact of his stress. To address these issues, a Success Coach (psychology and wellness expert) intervention was implemented, focusing on various aspects of his lifestyle:

  • Sleep Hygiene Practices: Taught him to improve sleep management and establish a routine. This helped Vishal enhance sleep quality, reduce daytime fatigue, increase mental and physical energy, and improve focus.
  • Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Taught him how to alleviate stress and anxiety, enhancing the mind-body connection. This helped him reduce stress significantly, leading to little or no stress and fostering stronger mental resilience.
  • Routine Management: Advised him on specific times for meals and hydration, which helped him schedule his meal timings to ensure regularity despite work and time constraints.
  • Self-regulation Techniques: Coached him on how to have healthier communication and address family-related concerns. This helped him manage his mood disturbances and stress.
  • Blood Pressure Management Techniques: Taught him breathing techniques, trigger identification, and relaxation techniques. This helped him to manage blood pressure fluctuations.

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3. Fitness Coach Intervention

Vishal tried to stay active with walking, cycling, and yoga, but he wasn’t consistent and didn’t follow the best practices.

He encountered several obstacles in his fitness journey, such as an irregular workout routine that led to weaker bones, a finger injury that hindered muscle building, and dietary issues causing his blood sugar to spike after exercising.

These challenges were slowing his progress and could potentially damage his health.

To tackle these obstacles and enhance Vishal’s physical fitness, our fitness and Physio Coaches created a personalized plan with several key interventions:

  1. Cardio and strength exercises: His Fitness coach created a workout plan that mixed cardio and strength exercises, helping keep Vishal’s blood sugar stable.
  2. Customised Workout Plan: To solve the problem of his unplanned exercise routine and strengthen his bones. His Fitness coach checked his fitness level in detail and made a special personalised workout plan for him. This plan improved his overall health and made him more flexible.
  3. Strength & Pain Management: Despite his finger injury, his fitness coach found ways to help Vishal build muscle. We included exercises to help his finger move better and treatments to help it heal so he could continue working on his muscle goals.
  4. Workout Diet Pan: His Fitness coach also advised Vishal on the best foods to eat before and after his workouts after working with his Nutrition Coach. We improved his exercise plans and added cool-down periods, which helped lower his blood sugar spikes and solved his post-workout blood sugar problems.


Through constant efforts and motivation from his coaches, Vishal now feels younger and fitter. He thanks his coaches for transforming his life from battling diabetes for 12 years to becoming a fitter and healthier version of himself.

Fitterfly’s Diabetes Prime Program overall outcome

Now he is encouraging others in the Fitterfly community and winning prizes by participating in various Fitterfly diabetes community challenges.

If you, too, are struggling with chronic diabetes as like Vishal we are here to help you, just like we helped him.

All you need to do is give us a missed call on 08069450746 or check out Fitterfly’s Diabetes Prime Program and choose according to your needs.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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