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Age is Just a Number – Sangeeta Proves it with her Phenomenal 10kg Weight Loss at 50!

Published on: Jun 26, 2024
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sangeeta agrawal weight loss success story
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Sangeeta Agrawal, a 50-year-old Fitterfly Weight Loss Program member from Madhya Pradesh runs her own parlor and boutique. She is also active in local politics and juggles her household duties simultaneously.

What Were Sangeeta’s Health Problems Before Joining the Fitterfly Weight Loss Program?

Before joining Fitterfly’s Weight Loss Program, Sangeeta struggled with several health issues. She was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and arthritis, which required her to take 8 tablets daily.

Her weight had increased to 75.6 kg, leading to problems like bloating and acidity. Her super busy lifestylemade it hard for her to be mindful about what she was eating (healthy or unhealthy food) or exercise regularly, especially with knee pain from with arthritis.

Her doctor told her that losing weight was the first and most important thing she had to do to improve her health conditions.

How Sangeeta Lost 10+ Kgs in Just Three Months?

Before we tell you how this was made possible by the Fitterfly Weight Loss program, let’s take a quick look at her result at the end of 3 months.

fitterfly weight loss program overall impact

Let’s read her story about the changes she made with the help of our coaches and how she acheived these remarkable numbers.

From 1888 to 1100 Calories: How Fitterfly Nutrition Coaches Helped Sangeeta Make the Shift to Healthy Eating

Sangeeta was not very mindful about what she was eating. When hunger struck, she would eat whatever food was easily available and most of the time it was unhealthy food like pakoras, samosas, etc that led to weight gain, sweets like gulab jamun, and carbohydrate-rich foods like white rice.

These foods not only contributed to her weight increase but also causing her digestion issues.

To counter these dietary habits, her Nutrition Coach introduced healthier alternatives.

  • She was told to switch from fried snacks like tikkis, cutlets, bhajiyas, samosas and pakoras to roasted makhanas or murmura (puffed rice), which are much lower in calories and also easier to digest.
  • To satisfy her sweet cravings without consuming excess sugar, our Nutrition Coach replaced mithais with fresh fruits like amrood, apple, and nashpati, or small portions of dried fruits like kishmish or 1-2 dates.
  • Her main meals included a lot of white rice. Our nutrition coach swapped it with whole grains like brown rice and mixed grain roti, which have higher fiber content and helped manage her blood sugar levels.

Healthy Weight

Is your weight increasing your health risk

From Disturbed Sleep to Good Quality Sleep: How Our Sucess CoachHelped Sangeeta Improve Her Mental Wellbeing

Sangeeta faced several challenges affecting her well-being, including sleep disturbances due to worries about her son’s future and negative thoughts about some family members. Her work in politics was stressing her and caring for her sick daughter-in-law disrupted her daily schedule.

Our Success Coach (Mental & Wellness Coach) introduces techniques like gratitude journaling, mindful eating, thought management, bedtime routine, deep breathing etc. These significantly improved Sangeeta’s overall well-being.

They helped her relax, manage her stress better, and improve her sleep quality. She learned to focus on positive thoughts, manage her eating patterns, and build a more effective daily routine.

In fact, after these interventions, her overall quality of life, which was at 88 (which is considered to be fair) improved to 103 and was categorized as good. This was a HUGE ACHIEVEMENT for her.

But numbers aside, Sangeeta started feeling mentally and physically happy.

How Our Fitness Coach Helped Sangeeta Strengthen Her Body?

Sangeeta was already dealing with pre-diabetes and osteoarthritis, which caused her knee and wrist pain. This made it hard for her to stay active and led to more weight gain. After analyzing her problems, our fitness coaches created a plan just for her.

  • They started by addressing her knee pain, which was one of the main reasons she couldn’t exercise. Once that started reducing, they taught her to do some gentle exercises, warm and cold baths, and gradual strength training.
  • These methods helped ease her pain, improve her muscle strength, and reduce inflammation. As Sangeeta followed the plan dedicatedly, she not only felt better but also gained confidence.
  • This led to a drastic improvement in her overall body strength, which improved from a score of 8 to 18 in just 3 months!

A Remarkable 10 kg Weight Loss: Dropping from 75.6 kg to 65.2 kg

Sangeeta Agrawal’s story proves that with determination, big health goals are achievable. Despite battling pre-diabetes, arthritis, and knee pain amid a busy life, Sangeeta managed to lose 10 kgs in just three months with our Weight Loss Program.

She learned to eat mindfully, started exercising regularly, and reduced her stress levels. The best part is that Sangeeta continues to apply what she learned, maintaining her health with the same tools and tips from the program.

If you’re looking to transform your life like Sangeeta, give us a missed call at 08046807733. It could be your turning point!


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