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Is Diabetes secretly causing you distress?

What is Diabetes Distress?

When living with a chronic condition like diabetes, it is common to feel frustrated, worried, discouraged. The relentless burden of managing diabetes can be very distressing at times. This is known as diabetes distress.

Can stress worsen your diabetes?

Research has shown that nearly 45% of people with Type 2 diabetes have high diabetes related distress. Uncontrolled stress can affect the metabolism of your body and lead to an increase in blood glucose levels.

Do you need professional help?

If you think you have been distressed for quite some time and your sugars are also not in control, YES, you should seek professional help. Take control of your mental and physical health well in time, before it becomes worse.

Is Diabetes secretly causing you distress?

How can Fitterfly help you?

Personalised stress management & behaviour change coaching
  • Get motivated by your own progress
  • Reinforce behaviour change
  • Transform from within

6 areas where a Psychologist can help you


Find appropriate ways to cope with difficult emotions


Manage your stress and anxiety


‘Snap out’ of depressed mood and deal with negative thought processes.


Overcome all your fears so that you can live peacefully


Work on your relationships and iron out the wrinkles in your relations


Tackle several health issues and enhance your self-care ability

Fitterfly has proven to reduce Diabetes Distress levels by 57% in just 3 months

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