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From Feeling 83 to Vibrant at 38: Nupur Raheja’s Fitterfly Journey

Published on: Apr 04, 2024
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diabetes success story
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Everyone told her, “Stop eating RICE, eat ROTI and RAGI.” But she learned that rice was better than rotis for her blood sugar, and ragi was spiking her blood sugar.

But how did she get to know? Had she learned any diet techniques, or was she following the latest fad diet?


38-year-old Nupur Raheja learned about this with Fitterfly’s PGR scores! With PGR (Personalized Glycemic Response), she found out which food was causing a spike in her blood sugar and which was good for her.

A Little About Nupur’s Health Condition Before Joining Fitterfly

Nupur, an IT professional, was consuming five different medications for diabetes and had high blood pressure along with high cholesterol levels.

Her life was a constant battle with health issues, including urinary infections and overwhelming fatigue, making her feel much older than her actual age.

She was struggling with a lot of work stress, junk eating, and did not have proper sleep. On top of all these, she was suffering from a painful wrist, shoulder, and neck.

Most of the time, she was frustrated, irritated, angry, and living in guilt for not being able to spend time with her family.

Her husband suggested she try Fitterfly’s Diabetes Prime Program, which turned around her life! 😀

How Fitterfly Turned Around Her Life?

Nupur found it challenging to maintain healthy eating habits, frequently indulging in junk food and often opting for fast food or other unhealthy options when dining out.

This changed when our coaches stepped in, guiding Nupur towards healthier choices and habits.

Let’s see what they were:

1. Our Nutrition Coach’s Intervention

During the initial evaluations and discussions with Nupur, our coaches observed that she was often having breakfast and lunch with little time-gap between each of these meals. She also had a constant urge for junk food (like biscuits, chips, namkeen/mixture etc).

Our Nutrition coach introduced mindful eating and structured meal timings to help her make healthier choices, even when eating out. This strategy minimized her cravings for junk food by ensuring meals were evenly distributed throughout the day.

We also enriched her diet with nutritious snacks like fruits, roasted chana, sprouts chaat, bean salad, and nuts, boosting her protein, fiber, and healthy fat intake. Adding Isabgol (psyllium husk) before meals improved her digestion and satiety, helping to decrease her carbohydrate consumption.

Diabetes Reversal

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2. Our Success Coach’s Intervention

Nupur was grappling with a hectic work schedule, struggling to manage her time efficiently. This not only resulted in a lack of proper sleep but also meant she missed out on valuable family moments.

The constant rush and pressure were taking a toll on her mental well-being, leading to frequent irritations and anger. This state of constant stress not only affected her own peace but also strained her relationship with her daughter, creating feelings of loneliness and guilt.

To address these challenges, our Success Coaches devised a tailored plan for Nupur, focusing on various aspects of her life to bring about positive change:

  • Sleep Hygiene and Time Management: Taught simple ways to sleep better and organize her day. This helped Nupur feel less stressed and healthier overall.
  • Effective Communication: Showed her how to handle her feelings better. This made her less angry and lonely, and she felt less bad about getting upset.
  • Boundary Setting at Work: Advised on creating work limits to better prioritize health and personal time, achieving a more balanced life.
  • Smart Goal Setting: Helped her set realistic goals to do things on her own, giving her more control over her life.
  • Healthy Eating Guidance: Gave her cook easy recipes for healthy food, so that Nupur could eat well even with her busy schedule.

3. Our Fitness Coach’s Intervention

Nupur’s transition to a hybrid work model brought its own set of challenges, especially in finding time for exercise amidst her busy schedule.

The prolonged hours in front of her laptop led to persistent neck pain, while a past diving injury caused discomfort in her wrist and shoulder, complicating her ability to engage in physical activity.

Moreover, she found it difficult to perform upper body exercises without exacerbating her pain.

To tackle these obstacles and enhance Nupur’s physical fitness, our fitness and physio coaches devised a personalized plan with several key interventions:

  • Outdoor Activities and Step Count: Encouraged playing outdoors with her daughter and increasing daily steps for enjoyable physical activity.
  • Customized Workouts: Combined cardio and strength training tailored to avoid strain on her wrist and shoulder, along with specific upper body exercises that were gentle yet effective.
  • Exercise Timing and Recovery Techniques: Advised on optimal timing for exercises and introduced leisure walks post-meals for digestion. Recommended contrast baths for wrist pain management.
  • Ergonomic Support: Provided ergonomic advice and targeted exercises to alleviate neck pain from laptop use, ensuring Nupur could work more comfortably.

These simplified yet effective interventions aimed at enhancing Nupur’s physical health while accommodating her lifestyle and physical limitations, leading to a more balanced and active life.

Nupur’s Health Outcomes After Fitterfly’s Diabetes Program

Even after shedding 10 kg and cutting down on 4 out of 5 medications, Nupur is sticking to what Fitterfly taught her. Her next aim? To reverse diabetes.

With this newfound stamina, energy, and focus, she firmly believes she’ll reach her goal soon.

Nupur’s Health Outcomes After Fitterfly’s Diabetes Program

She asserted, “When you know what works for you, it brings peace. There is no more confusion.” Nupur can’t stress enough how crucial that is!

You might have the perfect diet and exercise routine, but without the right mindset, it’s hard to achieve anything.

She feels like she now has the superpower EVERY WOMEN needs.

If you want to manage your diabetes smartly and feel your health as a superpower like Nupur, then we are here to help you, just like we helped her.

All you need to do is give us a missed call on 08069450746 or check out Fitterfly’s Diabetes Prime Program and choose according to your needs.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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