Is Paneer Good for Diabetes?

is paneer good for diabetes
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Have you been advised by people to have paneer?

Paneer is one of the most favored vegetarian sources of protein. While paneer is considered a healthy food option for people with diabetes we must also go through its nutrient content. 

Yes, several brands that sell paneer have high-fat content in them. The high-fat content in malai paneer makes it a bad choice for people with diabetes

On the other hand, homemade paneer or low-fat paneer available in the market is a good choice for people with diabetes. While the protein and calcium-rich paneer is a good option for people with diabetes who are lactose intolerant, they must refrain from consuming paneer. 

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Is paneer good for diabetes?

Paneer is a form of Indian cheese and a common ingredient in almost every Indian household. The protein-rich paneer is enjoyed by everyone especially because of its ability to incorporate different flavors in it. 

While low-fat paneer or homemade paneer is healthy for people with diabetes this is not true for malai paneer. Yes, you heard it right your favorite creamy malai paneer has high-fat content in it. The high-fat content makes malai paneer an unhealthy food choice. 

However, if you wish to have your favorite malai paneer please consume it in small quantities. Consuming too much malai paneer can increase weight which in the long term can increase blood glucose levels. 

Also, the lactose content in paneer can spike blood sugar levels so people with diabetes must eat paneer in small servings. Besides, people who are lactose intolerant must avoid eating paneer.

What is the nutritional value of paneer?

The nutritional value of 100 grams of malai paneer. 

Calories: 257 cal

Carbohydrate: 12.4 grams, 

Protein: 18.8gram

Total fat: 14.7 grams

Lactose: 2.16 g

Calcium: 83 mg

Although, the fat content in the paneer can vary depending on the additional malai content in it.

What is the glycemic index of paneer?

The glycemic index of paneer is 30. 

Paneer is a type of cheese commonly used in Northern Indian dishes. Paneer is a dairy product and contains negligible amounts of carbohydrates, and has a low glycemic index (GI) value.

Choosing food with a low glycemic index is essential for people with diabetes. The glycemic index shows how quickly carbohydrate-containing food raises blood glucose levels after consumption.

However, it is important to note that if paneer is consumed as part of a dish that contains carbohydrates, such as in a curry or a biryani, the glycemic index of the dish will be influenced by the other ingredients in the dish.

To ensure the nutritive value and low glycemic index avoid unhealthy cooking of paneer like deep frying it or adding it to a curry of cashews or fresh cream.

What are the benefits of paneer for diabetes?

Paneer, which is a type of cheese made from milk, has several potential health benefits, including:

1) Good source of protein

Paneer is a good source of protein. Proteins are essential as they help in building and repairing tissues in the body. Also, proteins help to feel satiated for a long time. 

2) Rich in calcium

Paneer is also rich in calcium. Calcium is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, as well as for muscle and nerve function.

3) Helps with weight management 

Low fat paneer has low carbohydrate content and high protein which can help you manage weight.

People with diabetes need to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, which should include a variety of nutrient-dense foods in moderation. If you have diabetes and want to consume paneer, it is recommended to keep the portion size small and pair it with other low-carbohydrate, non-starchy vegetables or whole grains to help balance the meal. 

Is paneer good for type 2 diabetes?

Paneer is a healthy food option for diabetes because of its low glycemic index. Paneer for diabetes is considered a healthy option because paneer does not increase sugar levels because of low carbohydrates. 

According to recent studies, it is seen that eating paneer can even reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Also, the protein rich paneer helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. By controlling blood glucose levels you can ensure good nerve health.  

The inclusion of paneer in our diet is a healthy diet choice. Generally, people from the Southern and Western parts of India do prefer paneer, however, you can cook it like poriyal or curry in your traditional way.

How much paneer should people with diabetes eat per day?

The intake of paneer for diabetes should be monitored. Typically a person having diabetes can consume around 100 grams of paneer in a day. The delay in the release of carbohydrates makes it a good choice for people with diabetes as it delays the rise in blood glucose levels. However, it is often advisable to take paneer twice or thrice a week.  

Consuming paneer as a salad or grilled paneer is healthier than choosing paneer dishes that are either deep fried or have carbohydrate or fat-rich gravy. 

You must be aware that if paneer is overconsumed, it can cause weight gain. 


Paneer is one of the best vegetarian sources of protein. The low glycemic index of paneer makes it a good food choice. However, while preparing paneer you must ensure you cook it in a healthy way like a salad, bhurji, or grilled paneer. Deep frying it might result in losing it’s nutrient value

While paneer is a healthy food choice you must consult a dietician who can guide you about a good diet plan for you. A good diabetic-friendly diet can help you efficiently manage your blood glucose level. Apart from diet, it is equally essential to exercise, sleep well and reduce stress in life to manage your blood sugar levels.

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