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Step-by-Step: How to Start Losing Weight for Diabetes

Published on: Apr 30, 2024
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lose weight for diabetes
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“Mujhse jyada ziddi to mera wazan hai, kabhi kam hi nahi hota”.

This sentiment is a common frustration among those trying to lose weight for diabetes. But they see no result.

Mr. Popatlal is also someone who is trying to lose weight for diabetes for a LONG LONG TIME. Let’s see his weight loss journey till now.

Mr. Popatlal’s Weight Loss Routine

Every morning, Mr. Popatlal starts his day with a one-hour walk. He follows this with a ‘super hearty breakfast,’ with dishes like masala dosa, aloo paratha, aloo puri, etc.

After several months of following this routine, he proudly claimed that he’d been active for ages, but when he checked his weight, he was highly disappointed! “Kya kabhi mera wazan kum hoga?“.

Research shows that losing 5 to 10% of body weight can significantly benefit those who are overweight. For example, a person weighing 109 kgs should aim to lose between 5 and 11 kgs.

Reducing weight further may also help bring blood sugar levels back to normal.

This leads us to an important lesson about exercise and weight loss. Read on for answers.

Lesson No.1# Exercise Alone Isn’t the Answer

Exercise alone isn’t enough to help you weight loss. While exercise can change your body composition, like increasing muscle mass, strengthening your heart, and enhancing overall stamina, they don’t guarantee weight reduction.

Research shows that peole who depended on exercise alone for weight loss in diabetes, typically experienced only slight reductions in weight.

For effective weight loss, diet plays THE MOST IMPORTANT role alongside exercise, just like how Bahubali and Kattapa work best as a team.

Back to the story, after not seeing any results, Mr. Popatlal started exercising more by using a treadmill, lifting dumbbells, and even joining a gym. However, he didn’t see much change in his weight.

Do you know what he going wrong? Let’s understand what that was.

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Lesson No.2 #The Psychological Aspect of Eating

Mr. Popatlal loved his food, like the ones we mentioned earlier, for breakfast and food like biryani, pizza, etc, for lunch and dinner. No matter how much he exercised, the sight of a plate of biryani was too irresistible, and he would end up eating double portions.

A study shows that people with type 2 diabetes who eat a lot of starchy foods like roti and rice tend to have uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Many of them also don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and aren’t very active.

This highlights the importance of eating well in right portion and staying active to manage diabetes comprehensively.

To truly lose weight for diabetes, one must resist the temptation and remember the need for moderation.

Foods high in calories, such as biryani, gulab jamun, pizza, burgers, ladoo, and aloo paratha, should be avoided or consumed in the minimum possible portion.

If you are making the same mistake as Mr. Popatlal, then it is time you make these changes:

  • Control your food portions: Instead of eating 3 fulkas, have 2 and add more salad and vegetables to feel full.
  • Eat mindfully: Don’t watch TV or scroll your mobile phone while eating. Even avoid reading. Just enjoy your food, every bite.
  • Maintain a food journal: This can help you realize what you are eating and encourage you to eat healthy, especially when losing weight for diabetes management is your goal.

Lesson No. 3 #The Role of Quality Sleep and Routine

Finally, let’s bust a common myth: “Sone se wajan badhta hai.

Take the example of Mr. Popatlal and his brother. His brother goes to bed early and eats dinner at least two hours before sleeping, which supports his weight management.

In contrast, Mr. Popatlal often stays up late working, watching TV, or shopping online, leading him to eat late dinner and later at night even snack (stress-eating or cravings) on unhealthy foods like ice cream, biscuits, farsaan, and chips. This, too, has contributed to weight gain.

Studies show that stress can cause type 2 diabetes by disrupting how the body handles sugar.

Managing stress and eating healthy are important to prevent diabetes. If these don’t work, medications or insulin might be needed.

So it is important to:

  • Sleep quality is more important: 7-8 hours of good quality sleep every night is crucial for losing weight for diabetes management.
  • Control Stress: Yes, stress is unavoidable, but controlling it is in our hands, especially when losing weight for diabetes management is a priority. Take up a hobby, do yoga, or do things you love and make you happy.

Some Realistic & Practical Tips You Can Try for Weight Loss in Diabetes

1. Set Achievable Goals

Focus on losing one kilo at a time rather than setting a sky-rocket goal like 10 kilos all at once.

2. Increase Physical Activity

Include physical activities that fit easily into your daily routine. Take short walks during your breaks or use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Start with manageable goals such as aiming for 1,000 steps a day if you’re just beginning, and then gradually increase your target.

3. Eat Regular, Balanced Meals

Make sure to eat your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on a set time, and have snacks like fruits or salad, roasted or sprouted chana/moong/peanuts in between your main meal at equal intervals.

Opt for a nutrient-rich foods like dal, eggs, vegetable & fruits, nuts & seeds, etc., that keep you full and are healthy.

4. Reduce Calorie Intake

Cook meals using methods that require less oil, such as grilling or steaming/air frying etc. Avoid using extra salt/sugar, sauces, ketchups, and pickles, etc.

5. Incorporate More Fiber

Add more vegetables and whole grains, seeds & nuts to your meals. Snack on fresh fruits and nuts instead of canned, processed or packaged snacks, and avoid any type of juices.

6. Monitor Your Progress

You can maintain a health or food journal and monitor your progress.

7. Prevent Overeating

Serve yourself smaller portions, try to eat your food in small plates and eat slowly to give your body time to feel full, reducing the likelihood of overeating.

By starting with small, practical changes, you can build healthier habits that are sustainable over the long term.

How We At Fitterfly Can Help You?

Mr. Popatlal’s story shows that effective weight loss for diabetes involves more than just exercise. It requires a holistic lifestyle change.

This includes a nutritious diet, regular exercise, mental readiness, and good sleep habits. We know these changes can be challenging to implement on your own, especially when losing weight for diabetes management is your goal.

That’s where Fitterfly comes in.

Our nutrition, fitness, and success coaches collaborate to create a fully customized plan for you, especially if you’re managing diabetes. They consider your likes, dislikes, and lifestyle, making their suggestions practical and easy to follow.

Call us at 08046807733 to speak with our Program Advisor about our Weight Loss or Diabetes Prime programs. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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