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Are You Overeating? Try These Smart Portion Control Tips & Hacks

Published on: Apr 18, 2024
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portion control tips
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Yummmm, biryani! I can’t resist it.

Yes, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when we see our very own favorite biryani, and we end up eating it until our tummy runs out of space. 😄

But hold on, have you ever thought that you might actually be overeating? If you have diabetes (and even if you don’t!), this could negatively affect your health.

In India, where our cuisine is typically rich with a lot of ghee, oil, masalas, and sweets, controlling portion sizes can be quite challenging. But, with a few smart portion control tips, it’s possible to enjoy your meals while keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

Let’s see what are they:

1. Do You Know the POWER of Ordered Eating?

Yes, the sequence in which you eat your meal can really impact your digestion and hunger.

  • Begin with a salad to help control your appetite, then move on to proteins like dal or paneer, and finish with carbohydrates like roti and rice.
  • This order not only manages your hunger but also helps prevent sudden blood sugar spikes.
  • It’s a small adjustment that can make a BIG difference in how you feel after eating.

2. Try Supplements Before You Eat a Meal

Ever felt cravings to eat something sweet after eating?

Taking fiber and protein supplements before a meal can help prevent that.

For example, a fiber supplement like Isabgol (psyllium husk) or a protein shake can slow down sugar absorption, giving you a steadier energy level.

This way, your body gets a heads-up to manage food better that you are going to eat, keeping your blood sugar more balanced and your energy consistent.

3. Smaller Plates = Less Food, More Satisfaction

Did you know using smaller plates can make you feel fuller faster?

It’s a simple but effective trick: a smaller plate makes your serving look bigger, so you eat less but still feel satisfied. For example, 2 servings of biryani look full on a small plate than on a big one.

4. Start Your Meal with a Salad!

Did you know starting with a salad can help you eat less of your main meal?

Yes, it is packed with fiber and nutrients that fill you up early, so you’re likely to consume fewer calories later on. This can also help keep your blood sugar levels stable.

5. Consume Fluids First → Chass and Soup

Before we reach for the main meal, let’s not forget the importance of fluids.

Our desi drinks like chass (buttermilk) or a warm bowl of soup can be consumed before meals to promote a feeling of fullness. These drinks prepare your digestive system, help in controlling the portion sizes of the main meal.

6. Be Nutty Before You Eat

Did you know that munching on about 8-10 almonds half an hour before a meal can stabilize your blood sugar?

A study found that eating 20g of almonds before eating helps manage blood sugar levels. Nuts aren’t just tasty; they’re loaded with healthy fats, protein, and fiber.

These nutrients help slow down how fast your body absorbs carbs and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

7. Opt for Smaller-Sized Foods

Choosing a sada dosa over a larger paper dosa, which we share with our friends or family, can help you eat fewer calories.

This idea works for other foods, too like, opt for a fulka instead of a chapati or a small sandwich instead of a large one. It’s an easy way to manage portions.

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8. Unlimited Khane ka Offer – Mat TRY KARO!

Ever been tempted by unlimited buffets or free refills? It’s easy to overdo it, especially at events like weddings where food is endless and you don’t have to pay.

Here’s a tip: Choose individual dishes from the menu instead of a buffet or set meal when dining out. This helps you control your portions.

And remember, stop eating when your stomach says, “ab bass bhi karo, kitna khaoge”. This way, you enjoy your meal without overeating.

9. Do you also Fall for Combo Deals?

Combo offers like McDonald’s “Extra Value Meal”, “Happy Meal” or KFC’s “Combo Meals,” where you get multiple items like a burger, fries, and a drink for a cheaper price than buying them separately.

This makes the deal seem attractive and can lead to buying more food than you need, and end up adding more calories going in your tummy.

Similarly, using apps like Swiggy or Zomato to order food can tempt you to add extra items to your cart because of promotions or meal deals. This convenience often results in ordering larger portions than intended.

Being mindful of these tactics can help you control how much you eat and spend.

For example: When ordering say a Subway sandwich or even biryani for your lunch, you might find a promotion offering or a ‘value deal’ where you’ll get a free Coke or a sweet dish (like gulab jamun or halwa).

This kind of deal tempts you to add more unhealthy carbohydrates and sugar to your meal than you intended.

10. The Importance of Plate Eating

We get it, Lays chips and Kurkure are irresistible, right? But have you ever found yourself munching through an entire packet without noticing? Here’s a simple trick:

Next time, serve your snacks on a plate instead of eating directly from the packet. This small step lets you see exactly how much you’re eating and helps you keep those portions in check.

11. Avoid Eating During Screen Time

Have you ever noticed how a jumbo pack of chips is empty by the end of a 40-minute Netflix episode?

Yes, when you’re absorbed in a show, it’s easy to munch away without paying attention to how much you are eating.

This kind of distraction can lead to eating much more than you planned or should, which isn’t great for portion control or managing your blood sugar levels.

12. Your Glass Size Matters!

When it comes to drinks, the size of your glass has a big impact on how many calories you take in. Think about it: a “tapri wali chai” is served in a modest cup, while a Starbucks beverage often comes in a much larger size.

This difference in size isn’t just about volume, it’s about the extra sugar and calories that can slip into your diet unnoticed.

By choosing the smaller tapri-style cups, you’re more likely to keep your calorie intake in control without even thinking about it.

13. Eat a Bit before you go Dining Out

To avoid overeating at special meals or when dining out, have a light snack like an apple or some nuts beforehand. This can help curb your hunger and make it easier to manage your portions at the meal.

How We At Fitterfly Can Help You?

Understanding why and how you eat can help you to control your portion sizes and make healthier food choices.

Often, we are tempted to eat more because of special offers or because our food looks more appealing on a larger plate.

Our success coach can help you with techniques like mindful eating, enabling you to avoid overeating.

Our Nutrition Coach is also here to guide you on what’s best for your blood glucose levels so you can continue enjoying the foods you love without worrying about your sugar levels.

At Fitterfly, we focus on such aspects to improve your lifestyle and help you manage and potentially reverse your diabetes.
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This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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