Published on: Mar 19, 2024

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Why Logging Your Meals on the Fitterfly App Can Make a Huge Difference?

Fitterfly App's Meal Diary
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Knowledge truly becomes power when you apply it, especially in your diet. You may know which foods are beneficial for you and which aren’t.

However, it’s through diligent tracking of your dietary intake that you can genuinely assess whether your eating habits support or hinder your diabetes management.

This is where the Fitterfly App’s ‘Meal Diary’ becomes invaluable.

By logging your meals in the diabetes app, you’ll not just be recording what you eat. You’ll also be able to:

  • Understand your eating patterns
  • Discover which foods are best for your body, and
  • Make the correct choices every day

That’s why meal logging or meal tracking on the Fitterfly App can be a game-changer in your diabetes management.

Why Should You Track Your Meals on the Meal Diary on the Fitterfly App?

The Fitterfly App’s Meal Diary feature is a comprehensive tool designed to help members meticulously track their meals.

By recording details such as the timing of each meal, the foods consumed, and their quantities, members can gain insights into their dietary habits and make informed decisions about their nutrition.

What Happens Behind the Scenes When You Track Your Meal?

Detailed information, including the timing, food choices, quantities, and nutrient composition, is captured when you track a meal.

This data, combined with health metrics like your weight, glucose levels, and blood pressure, enables our Nutrition Coaches to generate actionable insights.

These insights form the basis for personalized coaching and dietary interventions to achieve your health goals.

Why is Consistency in Meal Tracking Important?

When it comes to meal logging, our mantra is Track→Meaure→Improve.

To improve your health, you must know what and how much to eat (measure). To be able to measure, you should first track what you are eating minutely.

Consistent meal logging identifies patterns that may impact your health and allow for diet changes if needed.

What Happens if You Don’t Log a Few Meals? Will It Affect Your Diet Plan?

Before our Nutrition Coaches create your diet plan, they first get a detailed first-hand understanding of your meals/snacks eating habits and preferences, like

  • When do you have your meals or when do you snack?
  • What food items do you typically consume during the entire week?
  • Is there any difference in your weekday eating pattern versus weekend eating?
  • What foods do you love, and which ones do you dont enjoy as much?

and more!

So, if you miss logging a meal or two, it’s not a grave mistake, but logging more is always better to get the best possible recommendation.

Regularly logging your meals lets your coach see if any habits are causing issues that need fixing.

Good habits are always noted and encouraged. That’s why we always advise tracking each of your meals as consistently as possible.

Diabetes Reversal

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Can Regularly Logging in Your Meals Change Your Diet Plan for the Better?

Absolutely, it can turn a good diet into an excellent one. The quality of the adjustments our Nutrition Coaches make depends on the quality of the information you give us.

This is especially true for those in the Fitterfly Diabetes Prime Program.

Keeping a consistent meal log while using the sensor is crucial. It helps us show you how your body reacts to different foods or combinations of foods, along with your physical activity, stress levels, sleep and medications.

This forms the basis of Personalized Glycemic Response (PGR), which helps our coaches design the best plan for you. It also helps our AI predict your PGR in the future, even when you’re not wearing the sensor, just by continuing to log your meals.

Who Can Use the Meal Logging Feature?

The Meal Diary feature is free to all Fitterfly Diabetes App users. However, paid members gain additional benefits, including detailed insights into micronutrient intake, enriching the personalization and effectiveness of their diet plans.

Is Your Meal Information Confidential?

Your meal information is confidential and accessible only to your designated care team. This ensures that your privacy is maintained while providing customized health and dietary guidance.

Bite It, Write It, Health Ignite It!

We’re all different, and so is how our bodies react to food. That’s why logging your meals with the Fitterfly’s diabetes app is so helpful.

It lets you see what food is working for you. By keeping track of what you eat, you understand your body better and make choices that are right for your health.

And if you’re looking for an even deeper dive into your dietary habits and health, consider joining the Fitterfly Prime program. As a member, you’ll get access to more detailed data on your food intake and habits, helping you fine-tune your diet even further for optimal health.

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