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28% Drop in HbA1c & Reduction in Insulin Dose | Real People, Real Results

Published on: Dec 21, 2020
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Aishwarya who controlled diabetes by joining Diabefly program
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Long-standing diabetes is like a termite in the human body that slowly eats away every part of the body, be it your eyes, nerves, heart, kidneys and much more.

Understanding diabetes through personalised coaching and new-age technology solutions can help patients to achieve better glycemic control.

Diabefly helped Aishwarya achieve better control of her diabetes through the latest technology and personalised coaching. In three months, her HbA1c reduced remarkably by 3.9% from 13.9% to 10%. Also, her daily insulin dose got reduced by 10% from 40 units to 36 units.

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Aishwarya’s medical history

Aishwarya, a 54-year old female with a BMI of 23 kg/m2, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 25 years ago. Her doctor had prescribed her initially antidiabetic medicines and then added insulin to manage her blood sugar levels but she always struggled with her lifestyle management leading to the progression of diabetes.

Long-standing uncontrolled diabetes caused diabetic foot for which Aishwarya had undergone a surgical procedure. This limited her physical activity.

Additionally, she had undergone multiple surgeries in the past. It included stent placement in her heart, removal of the uterus & gall bladder and cataract surgery (eye surgery).

Aishwarya joined Diabefly Pro for 3 months on her doctor’s advice to manage her blood sugar fluctuations and diabetes-related complications. With the help of her Diabefly Coach, she got a personalised diet and exercise plans to get her blood sugar levels under control.

How did Diabefly help Aishwarya?

For the first 14 days of the program, Aishwarya was on an Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring (AGM) device (also called CGMS) with flash technology that monitored her blood sugar readings throughout the day.

This device gave a clear picture of how Aishwarya’s diet, exercise, sleep, stress and medication were affecting her blood sugar levels daily. This is also called Personalised Glycemic Response.

Coach extrapolated the readings from AGM and designed a diabetes care plan which was unique for her. Aishwarya got continuous endless support and advice from her Diabefly Coach, which drastically improved her health in the next three months.

Aishwarya’s results from Diabefly Pro

During the first 14 days of the program while on the AGM device following positive outcomes were seen:

Parameter Days 1-7 (Before) Days 8-14 (After) Result
Daily Time-in-range (TIR) Should aim to keep it above 70% 46% 66% Very close to 70% now 44% increase
Time-above-target Should aim to keep it at 0% 52% 31% 41% decrease
Daily average blood sugar levels Should aim to keep it between 70 and 180 mg/dL for people with diabetes 186 mg/dL 155 mg/dL 17% decrease

Diabefly Coach applied the learnings of the first 14 days in the remaining months, and Aishwarya achieved the following outcomes in 3-months with Diabefly Pro:

Parameter Before Diabefly Pro After Diabefly Pro Result
HbA1c 13.9% 10% Reduced by 28%.
Insulin dose 40 units of Huminsulin 36 units of Huminsulin 10% reduction in Insulin dose

Aishwarya’s problem areas and their solution:

After closely monitoring and understanding Aishwarya’s lifestyle, food diary, AGM reports; her Diabefly Coach identified the areas of concern and gave easy-to-implement and straightforward solutions.

1. Postprandial hyperglycemia due to unbalanced meals

Aishwarya ate foods with a high glycemic index (GI) like bread, maggi, biscuits etc. throughout the day. She also clubbed fruits with meals and missed the salads.

Due to this, she had a postprandial spike in her blood sugar readings. Additionally, her diet lacked fibre and was overloaded with carbs. To correct this, her Coach suggested foods with a low glycemic index, high fibre and protein content like poha with vegetables, dalia upma, sprouts, chapati with a veggie etc.

Her Coach also guided her on the right time to have fruits, correct portion serving and the importance of fibre in the diet. This Personalised Glycemic Response led diet plan helped her in preventing spikes in blood sugar.

Eventually, her postprandial blood glucose levels got in the targeted range, fat intake reduced by 8% and time-above-range improved by 41%.

2. Extremely low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

Her blood sugar dropped too low when Aishwarya missed her snack or gave long gaps in the meal. Hypoglycemia occurred during the day, rarely in the night. The Coach advised Aishwarya to have a bedtime snack and not to miss it as she was on insulin therapy.

She counselled her to take small frequent meals during the day and avoid long gaps. With these small changes, episodes of low blood sugar reduced both during the night and day. Time-in-range improved drastically by 44%. 

3. Low protein intake

Aishwarya did not meet her daily need for protein in the diet. As a solution to this, her Coach educated her on the importance of protein in wound healing and quick recovery.

Since Aishwarya was a vegetarian, her Coach guided her on how to include proteins in her meals in the form of curd, buttermilk, milk, paneer, tofu, sprouts, dals and much more.

She also added protein-based evening snacks like roasted makhana, chana, khakra etc. in Aishwarya’s meal plan. Her protein intake improved by 17% with these alterations.

In 3-months, Diabefly Pro completely changed Aishwarya’s life. Her blood sugar readings improved, her wounds healed, her low blood sugar days almost disappeared. She started feeling better and was motivated to live life to the fullest with a healthy soul, mind and body.

Like Aishwarya, allow our expert Diabefly Coach to take care of your diabetes in a smart way with technology-driven science. Diabefly is one of the best Diabetes management programs in India not only for diabetes control but also for overall health.

Click here to watch the video How will Diabefly help me? To know more about how we can help you, visit or call us at 022 4897 1077.

*Patient consent: Informed consent of the patient was taken. All the procedures, risks, and benefits of the medical tests performed on the patient were clearly explained. The same was freely given by the patient and was documented before submission.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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