Diabetes Management

Diabefly's Proven Methodology

Diabefly's cutting-edge technology uses Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring (AGM) with flash technology to track & record 1300+ blood sugar levels (painlessly!). Correlating these readings with your diet & lifestyle allows us to understand the exact causes of your blood sugar fluctuations (Personalised Glycemic Response). Based on these insights an expert Diabefly Coach gives you personalised recommendations on diet, exercise, sleep & stress.

For people with diabetes, Diabefly has proven to reduce HbA1c without the need for additional medications thereby reducing the risk for diabetes-related complications. Whereas for people with prediabetes, Diabefly is designed as a precautionary step to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and the need for medications.

Become aware of your personal glycemic response from your AGM data (available in Diabefly Pro) & nutrition report. Slowly make better choices in your diet, exercise, sleep & stress patterns, guided by your Diabefly Coach. See the results you want by reaching your desired HbA1c, weight and other health goals. Take control & avoid complications.

How Diabefly Works

Analyse your current nutrition exercise sleep & stress patterns

Analyse your current nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress patterns

Consult an expert Diabefly Coach, digitally

Consult an expert Diabefly Coach, digitally

Understand your blood sugar (glycemic) response to various foods,exercise & sleep

Understand your blood sugar (glycemic) response to various foods, exercise & sleep

Get personalised meal plans based on your likes, dislikes & gycemic response

Get personalised meal plans based on your likes, dislikes & glycemic response

Get guidance on exercise, sleep & stress management

Get guidance on exercise, sleep & stress management

Learn from authentic information & form long-lasting habits

Learn from authentic information & form long-lasting habits

Achieve your blood sugar goals!

Achieve your blood
sugar goals!

Scientifically Proven Outcomes

Our outcomes have been presented at various International Conferences

Points droop in HbA1c

1.96 Points

Avg.HbA1C reduction1

Lost weight significantly


Avg. weight loss2

Have shown a significant drop inn blood sugar


improvement in physical fitness3

How Does This Benefit You?

Well, studies have shown that 1% drop in HbA1c reduces the risk of*

Diabetes related deaths


Diabetes related deaths

Heart attacks


Heart attacks

Kidney,Eye & Nerve complication


Kidney, Eye & Nerve complication




*Based on results from UKPDS Studies

That's not all

Diabefly's all-round approach helps your overall physical and mental wellness. Ultimately helping you
save thousands of rupees in annual medical treatment costs.

Every ₹1 spent on Diabefly saves you ₹22 in your lifetime!

Trusted by Doctors

Diabefly's clinically-validated approach allows Doctors to offer & extend care beyond the clinic
while helping patients with diabetes get healthier.

Diabefly Outcomes Presented At

Fitterfly at Tedx Kanke

Diabefly Customer Stories

Real People, Unreal Results!!

Is Diabefly For You?

Do you have borderline/prediabetes?

Borderline diabetes or prediabetes is a wake up call.

Every year 15% people with prediabetes progress to diabetes.

Don't let an unbalanced diet, low physical activity and unhealthy weight increase your risk of diabetes.

Start now. Take a scientific approach which works!

Prevent prediabetes from progressing to diabetes.

Enrol in Diabefly now.

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes recently?

A recent diagnosis is the perfect time to take charge of your Diabetes. Before your condition progresses further, get personalised recommendations on diet and lifestyle to not only manage but also reverse your diabetes.

With the right lifestyle, you could even avoid diabetes medication.

Consider Diabefly as your first treatment plan.

Enrol for Diabefly today.

On medications for diabetes and still not controlled?

Enhance the results of your medicines with a personalised AGM-based diet plan which works. Complement your lifestyle with a micronutrient-rich diet, strength training, managing sleep, stress and losing weight.

Lifestyle changes with Diabefly have proven to reduce or stop medication in 22% of our customers.

If they can, you can too! Start now.

Enrol for Diabefly today.

Are you on insulin?

Insulin injections do NOT mean you failed to control your diabetes.

Insulin has proven to show better results than anti-diabetic tablets.

Complement your insulin therapy with personalised AGM-based lifestyle advice. Have a protein & micronutrient-rich diet, maintain muscles and regularise your body weight.

22% Diabefly customers have reduced of stopped their medicines and/or insulin dose. You can too.

Give your treatment the Diabefly Edge.

Enrol for Diabefly today.

Strong history of diabetes in your family?

Having a mother with diabetes increases your risk of getting diabetes by 30% by the age of 40. Having a father with diabetes increases your risk of getting diabetes by 50%.

Worrying won't help, but Diabefly will.

Understand how your lifestyle affects your blood sugar levels and make the necessary changes to prevent diabetes & control the risk.

Secure your future. Enrol for Diabefly now.

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How is Diabefly different from Diabefly Pro?

Both Diabefly and Diabefly Pro are designed to offer personalised care and guidance to help you achieve your blood sugar goals. Diabefly uses blood sugar readings from your existing glucometer whereas Diabefly Pro uses an Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring (AGM) with flash technology. Diabefly Pro gives us 1300+ readings over 14 days allowing us to chart your blood sugar fluctuations against your diet and lifestyle. This way we can help make changes to the problem areas and help you achieve your blood sugar goals.

What is AGM? How will it help me in Diabetes Control?

Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring (AGM) is a sticker-like, painless device that records your blood sugar levels every 15 minutes for 14 days - giving us 1300+ blood glucose readings. Using these readings, your Diabefly Coach can help you understand the exact causes behind the daily ups and downs in your blood sugar levels. Once we know the causes, we can help you make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle so that you can improve your blood sugar levels.

How does exercise help with diabetes?

If you’re recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it is possible to make treat diabetes without medication with modifications in your diet and exercise the right way. Regular exercise is helpful in weight reduction, which in turn reduces insulin resistance and allows your body to effectively utilize blood glucose and reduce blood sugar levels. However, it is important to get a physical and pain assessment by an experienced physiotherapist before embarking on a workout plan.

Can yoga help manage diabetes better?

WHO has acknowledged that you can reverse your Diabetes with long-term diet changes, low calorie, and low carbohydrate diet. However, yoga can help you to supplement these efforts. Yoga helps in weight loss and stress reduction, both of which are important components in the journey to reverse your diabetes. However, one must remember reversing your diabetes depends on various other factors such as age, present sugar levels, duration of diabetes, other health conditions, etc. Trying to reverse your diabetes by focusing on only one factor may not yield the desired results. Therefore, it is important to choose a comprehensive diabetes reversal plan.

Can Diabetes be cured without medicine?

Type 2 Diabetes is an ongoing health condition and therefore, there is no complete cure for it. Although, studies show that for some people it is possible to reverse diabetes by working on diet, fitness, sleep, and stress and altogether keeping blood sugar levels in the normal range without medication. When diabetes is controlled and maintained below the range of 6% (HbA1C) without medicines, diabetes is considered to be reversed or in remission. However, reversal eligibility depends on various factors. You can check if it is possible for you, here.

Is type 2 diabetes reversible?

In 2016, the WHO acknowledged that Diabetes Remission is possible. With lifestyle modification, low calorie, and low carbohydrate diet. When the Hba1c is controlled and managed below 6% (HbA1C) for at least 6 months without medication, a person is said to have reversed their Diabetes or attained Diabetes Remission. You can reverse your diabetes with expert guidance and an effective diabetes management plan. However, even after you reverse your diabetes, there is always the risk of relapse if one does not follow the lifestyle modifications that helped one achieve the desired results.

Can Diabefly help reverse my diabetes?

Yes, it can. Diabetes cannot be cured but it can be reversed - meaning your HbA1c levels can be in the prediabetes range (less than 6.4%). This is possible in early stages of diabetes for people compliant with Diabefly. Your Doctor could potentially discontinue your medicines if you continue following a healthy lifestyle.

I hate following diets. Will I have to follow one on Diabefly?

Yes, you will but unlike other diet programs, our diet plans are science backed and are not restrictive. The foods which raise blood glucose are different in different people. Why stop eating something which is not raising your blood glucose? That's the science behind Diabefly. Plus, our Diabefly Coaches design diet plans keeping your likes, dislikes and the staple foods cooked at home in mind. Trust us, it won't feel like 'dieting' but the results will speak for themselves.

I am on insulin. Can I enrol for Diabefly?

Yes, you can and you should! Please remember that we never make changes to your medicines or insulin - that is your Doctor's call. But we can help improve the results of the insulin you are taking (better blood sugar control) with healthy diet and lifestyle modification suggestions. In 22% of our cases, we have been able to reduce the dose of insulin injections helping people optimise their therapy.

Who created Diabefly?

Diabefly has been created by a team of Doctors, nutritionists, diabetes educators and fitness experts at Fitterfly - a health tech company. We have a scientific approach to Diabetes and our award winning algorithms and databases allow us to help you make the best choices which work for you. One of the founders was actually the first patient in this program and it had a tremendous result for him. Our aim is to help people with diabetes live a happy, healthy life using innovative technology and personal care.

How will Diabefly help people with borderline diabetes or prediabetes?

Diabefly is great for people with borderlines diabetes or prediabetes. Every year 15% people with prediabetes progress to diabetes. But with the right care at the right time, you can halt the progression of the condition. Understanding the effects of your diet and lifestyle on your blood sugar levels can help you make targeted changes in your routine, thus keeping your HbA1c levels under control. This not only delays the onset of diabetes but could potentially keep you off of medicines for longer.

How much HbA1c reduction can I expect from this program?

Diabefly has proven to reduce HbA1c by up to 1% across all customers on average. We have seen a maximum reduction of HbA1c levels by 4% too. Following the program diligently can help you reduce your HbA1c levels too though results differ from person to person.

What happens after 3 months of the program?

Our program is aimed at making you self-sufficient by building healthy habits and changing your lifestyle over the course of 3 months. At the end of the program, you could re-enrol for the same or a lighter version of the program for continued support. We also advise that every person with diabetes or prediabetes should enrol for Diabefly every 6 months or as advised by their doctor/ coach.

I have a glucometer - can I enrol for Diabefly?

Yes, you can. You can opt for Diabefly which personalises recommendations based on 20 blood sugar readings taken on your existing glucometer and shared with us via the Fitterfly App.

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