Personalised Glycemic Response: The Secret To Better Diabetes Control

  • Dr Arbinder Singal

    MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB, MNAMS, M.Ch (AIIMS Gold Medalist), Co-founder and CEO Fitterfly

  • Posted On November 11, 2020

Personlaised Glycemic Response

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes or been living with it for a while now, chances are that you’ve come across unsolicited advice. ‘Have chapati instead of rice’, ‘give up mithais’, ‘please stay away from mangoes’ - and the list goes on.

While we’re not discrediting anyone’s advice, here’s what we want you to know - what works for someone else might not work for you.

Each one of us is unique - our bodies, our genetics, our health history - all of it. Making the need for unique treatment plans imperative.

Different treatment plans for different people - why is it so important!

In a human being, blood sugar levels are very tightly controlled between 70-150 mg/dl by various hormones. This is essential as glucose is the fuel for most body functions. Whenever we eat, it is digested in the intestine and glucose is released into the blood leading to a rise in blood glucose levels. This rise in blood glucose depends on the amount of carbohydrates and rate of digestion of the food consumed- this is called Glycemic response.

While glycemic response is a very generalised term, what we should actually talk about is the ‘personalised glycemic response’. Personalised glycemic response is the different glycemic response between two people for the same food.

Personlaised Glycemic Response

Like shown in the image above, your glycemic response differs from food to food and also differs when compared to someone else eating the same food. Your genes, muscle mass, age, gut bacteria and even the pancreatic reserve of hormones are the reason for these differences.

Personalised glycemic response is the secret ingredient to good diabetes control - one that’s someone been ignored till date.

How personalised glycemic response helps control diabetes

Understanding personalised glycemic response can help us identify the list of top foods that are good and bad for your blood sugar control. With this personalised glycemic response-based blood sugar report in hand, you can get a personalised diet plan. This diet plan would include more of the good foods and try to eliminate the bad foods as much as possible. Following a personalised diet plan like instead of the run-of-the-mill generic plan has shown better diabetes control!

And no, this isn’t science fiction. It is very much possible, and you can get your hands on a personalised glycemic response-based diabetes management program as well.

Introducing Diabefly - India’s Only Diabetes Management Program that considers Personalised Glycemic Response.

Diabefly uses a painless blood sugar monitoring device known as ambulatory glucose monitoring (AGM) or Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). This device records one blood sugar reading every 15 minutes for 14 days and gives us a complete understanding of your day-to-day blood sugar fluctuations.

Correlating these fluctuations with your diet, exercise schedule, sleep and stress pattern gives us your personalised glycemic response.

Personlaised Glycemic Response

Based on these insights, the experts at Diabefly offer diet plans along with guidance on exercise, sleep and stress management - all of which is highly personalised for you.

We then motivate and guide you to follow these recommendations for 3 months till they become like second nature to you - and it works! 85% of customers have seen a reduction in their HbA1c in just 3 months, thanks to Diabefly’s highly personalised approach.

In a world where even the ads we see are personalised to our likes and dislikes, how can your healthcare plan be generic?!

About Diabefly:

Diabefly is India’s only diabetes management program that uses personalised glycemic response. We help people with diabetes improve their blood sugars by changing their lifestyle. Diabefly works great with your doctor’s diabetes treatment plan to help you prevent, reverse or manage your condition. Diabefly’s unique CGM/ AGM-based program is trusted by doctors and is available in major cities around India. With an 85% success rate, Diabefly is, without a doubt India’s best diabetes management program.

For more information, visit or talk to us at +91-22-48971077

About Fitterfly:

Fitterfly is a Digital Therapeutics company run by doctors, nutritionists and wellness experts to help people prevent, reverse and manage their diseases. Fitterfly digital therapeutics programs provide best in class care and outcomes for Diabetes, PCOS, obesity, pregnancy, gestational diabetes and child health. Our qualified Coaches, award winning Fitterfly Wellness platform and a caring team provide detailed customized guidance according to your age, health condition, and personal preferences. To know more, download and use ‘Fitterfly Wellness’ app from play store or app store or just call our hotline at +912248971077 and choose the right program.

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