Reversing Diabetes: Latest advances in health sciences make it possible- A peek into how the Diabefly program works!

  • Dr Arbinder Singal

    MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB, MNAMS, M.Ch (AIIMS Gold Medalist), Co-founder and CEO Fitterfly

  • Posted On November 10, 2020

Diabetes Reversal

It is a basic human nature to win over illness. So why would it be different for Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes per se has always been felt to be a restrictive disease from many perspectives- restriction in eating, need to take tablets or insulin injections, frequent doctor visits, painful and frequent pricks and a risk of incurring complications which come as diabetes progresses in time and intensity. Lot of people in the past have accepted their fate when they were diagnosed to have Type 2 diabetes. Something which they have to live with!

Is there a way out? Can type 2 diabetes be reversed? If yes, how is it possible?

The plain and simple answer to the above question is YES. In the right set of people, in the right stage of diagnosis, Diabetes Reversal is very much possible. Scientifically, “Diabetes Reversal” should be more aptly called “Diabetes Remission” and is generally defined as HbA1c being less than 6.5% without any need of medications for more than 6 months. Whether we call it Diabetes remission or reversal, it may be a semantic question but for a person who has diabetes- the core drive is to be free of medications, restriction and worries! And again, it is very much possible and sometimes even for years altogether!

Key strategy for reversal of type 2 diabetes involves following steps:

  1. Identifying the right people for whom diabetes reversal can be predicted in a reliable manner
  2. Finding out the reasons for their high blood glucose levels
  3. Instituting a scientific program with an aim to reverse diabetes

Higher rates of Diabetes Reversal

Finding the reasons for rise in blood glucose

Easier said than done? Every human being has different body- different genes, different body mass index, different digestion, and different hormonal cache and many more such factors. To conquer diabetes, we have to individualize the approach for every single person. The most important tenet in this approach is “personalised glycemic response” or the way our body reacts to different foods. The same food in different people causes a different rise in blood sugars. At Diabefly, we use cutting-edge technology which is a combination of CGMS/ AGM devices and the Fitterfly Software to determine personalised glycemic responses for every client. This helps us to determine which foods are good or unhealthy for that person from the perspective of managing Diabetes. Just focusing on those foods or combinations of foods which drive up one’s blood sugars helps us lower glycemic variability and overall average blood glucose levels in a person. This has led to a remarkably high rate of diabetes remission or reversal in our clients. Which brings us to the first question.

Daibefly Reverse - A scientific program to help people

Often people with diabetes end up getting confused with all the advice from friends, family and the internet throws at them. Even if the information comes from a credible source like a doctor or a nutritionist, the advice may require substantial effort and structuring to be effective. Journey to become Diabetes-free is better done when we have an Action Plan laid out for us. This action plan covers personalized glycemic response, our food choices, exercise regimen and hand holding by a coach who is trained in managing people with diabetes.

We have brought all this under one roof as a scientific clinically validated Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Diabetes Reversal Program - Diabefly Reverse. Diabefly Reverse is a 6-month program to help people reverse their diabetes. The program includes coaching on the right foods to eat (based on personalized glycemic response), getting active & fit, self-care modules, managing sleep & stress and regular chats & consultations with a qualified coach. While reversal rates as high as 70% are possible in selected clients, how much an individual client will benefit depends on:

  1. Whether the person rates high or low on the diabetes reversal criteria
  2. How dedicated the client is - motivated in walking down the path charted out by the Diabefly Coach.

Glass half full or half empty!

We get a lot of requests and calls from all over India where people call us asking if diabetes reversal is possible? It is a tricky question. First of all, Diabetes reversal or remission is not possible for everyone and it depends on your profile as well as disease profile.

That being said, even if there are clients who score less on Diabefly Reversal criteria it does not mean that they can’t reverse their diabetes, it is just that the chances of reversal become less. They will still have benefits in terms of lowering medications substantially, lowering BMI, sleeping better, becoming fitter and feeling more in control of their diabetes and hence prevent long term complications. More than 90% of diabefly clients report highly favorable outcomes even if they go into a partial remission.

Reverse diabates and reclaim your life with Diabefly Reverse. For more information, call us at 022-489-69984 or visit our website at  


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