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Is It Possible to Stop Diabetes Tablets?

Published on: Apr 02, 2024
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stop diabetes medications
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Kya mai diabetes ki dawaiyan chhod sakta hoon?

Ever thought about living without having to take your diabetes pills every day? You’re not the only one.

A lot of people with diabetes wish they could stop their medication. But before you think about quitting your pills, let’s understand what’s really involved in saying goodbye to them.

Is it OK to STOP Diabetes Medication?

First and foremost, stopping diabetes medication is not a decision you can or should make on your own. Your doctor is the only one who can accurately assess your health condition and determine whether it’s safe for you to stop taking diabetes medication.

This decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health, blood sugar levels, and how well you’ve been managing your diabetes.

When is it OK to Stop Diabetes Medication?

Your doctor may suggest reducing or stopping your diabetes medication, If your blood sugar levels significantly improve and remain stable.

This decision often relates to diabetes remission or reversal, indicating sustained improvements in your blood sugar control.

Now, let’s discuss how it can happen in these two scenarios:

1. Partial Remission

This occurs when your blood sugar levels are in pre-diabetes range but still not completely normal. You might still need to monitor your condition closely, but with less or no medication.

2. Complete Remission

It is a condition in which a person with type 2 diabetes has been able to maintain their HbA1c levels within the normal range for atleast one year without using medications.

Remission Type HbA1c Levels Fasting Blood Sugar Levels
Partial Remission Less than 6.5% 100-125 mg/dL
Complete Remission Less than 5.7% Less than 100 mg/dL

Diabetes Reversal

To know your chances of  Diabetes reversal, take the Diabetes Reversal Test

How Can I Achieve Remission?

Achieving either partial or complete remission requires a multifaceted approach, focusing on intensive lifestyle changes and, in some cases, bariatric surgery for those who are eligible.

Key strategies include :

  • Dietary Changes: Adopting a nutrient-rich, balanced diet that supports blood sugar control.
  • Physical Activity: Regular exercise helps improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Weight Management: For many, losing weight can significantly impact blood sugar management and lead to remission.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Keeping a close eye on your blood sugar levels to ensure they remain within a healthy range.

It’s essential to remember that even if you achieve remission/reversal and stop taking diabetes medication, you’ll need to continue with the lifestyle changes that helped you reach remission.

Only this way you will be able to maintain your health status.

How We At Fitterfly Can Help You?

At Fitterfly, we know that stopping medicines entirely might not be possible for everyone. But our goal is to help you control your blood sugar with as few medicines as possible.

This idea isn’t just a dream.

Take Moinuddin Sayed (Prince) for example. He managed to reverse his diabetes without medicines by following advice from his coaches and living a healthier life.

Our method is all about creating a care plan that’s just for you. This includes a diet plan, exercise suggestions, and changes to your daily routine to keep you healthy alongside any medical treatment you’re already getting.

It’s always important to talk to your healthcare provider before making any changes to your treatment plan to make sure it’s safe and right for you.

Always consult with your healthcare provider to ensure any changes to your medication or management plan are safe and appropriate for your specific health needs.

Getting started with us is easy. You can simply give us a missed call at 08069450746 or look into Fitterfly’s Diabetes Prime Program to find what works for you.

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* Diabetes Remission is the clinical term for Diabtes Reversal


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