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Is Idli Good for Weight Loss?

Published on: Sep 22, 2023
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Idli good for weight loss
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Idli for breakfast is a very common dish to consume everywhere. Have you ever explored this delicious cuisine and encountered those delightful, fluffy steamed cakes known as “idli”?

If you’re on a quest to lose weight, you might be curious whether idli can fit into your dietary plan.

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Let’s take a closer look at this popular dish and its alignment with your health objectives and answer the very question of Is Idli good for weight loss?

What is Idli?

Idli stands as a traditional South Indian dish created from a blend of fermented rice and urad dal (black gram) batter. This mixture is expertly steamed, resulting in soft, spongy cakes that are typically served alongside various chutneys and sambar.

Is Idli Healthy?

Yes, idli is deemed a healthy food option for several compelling reasons:

1. Low in Calories

Each idli typically contains a mere 100-150 calories, making it a wise pick for calorie-conscious individuals.

2. Minimal Fat Content

Idli is practically fat-free, which makes it an appealing choice for those striving to shed some extra pounds.

3. A Limited Source of Protein

The combination of rice and urad dal in idli provides a decent amount of protein, a vital nutrient that supports the body in maintaining and repairing its tissues.

4. Rich in Nutrients

 Idli boasts a rich content of B vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B5, and B9, all of which play pivotal roles in metabolism and overall well-being.

Is Idli Good for Weight Loss?

Absolutely! Idli’s low calorie and fat content if consumed in limited amount only, making it an excellent choice for those embarking on a weight loss journey but of course in limited amounts.

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It’s a satisfying and nutritious option that can help keep your hunger in check without introducing an excessive calorie load.

Is Idli Good for People with Diabetes?

Idli is not suitable choice for individuals managing diabetes. Its moderate glycemic index implies that it will cause spikes in blood sugar levels. However, it’s essential to practice portion control and mindful eating.

Calories in Idli

It’s a healthy choice because it’s steamed and not fried. This makes idli a low-calorie food option, making it suitable for those looking to maintain a balanced diet. 

Keep in mind that the number of calories may vary slightly depending on the size and ingredients used to prepare the idli.

Nutritional value of idli 

Before we get into the benefits of eating idli, let’s take a closer look at its nutritional profile. This will give you a better understanding of 1 portion of idli for an individual.

Nutrient Quantity
Calories 362 kcal
Total Fat 0 g
Total Carbohydrate 90 g
Dietary Fiber 5 g
Sugar 0 g
Protein 7 g

Benefits of Eating Idli 

There are many benefits of eating idli, which are as follows:

1. Weight Management

 As mentioned earlier, idli is an excellent choice for weight management if eaten in limited quantity, due to its low calorie and low-fat content. It provides a sense of fullness without overloading your calorie intake if eaten in moderate amounts only, making it a satisfying yet healthy option.

2. Digestive Health

 The fermentation process involved in making idli breaks down complex carbohydrates, making them easier to digest. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive digestive systems.

3. Nutrient-Rich

 Idli is packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, which contribute to overall health and well-being. The combination of these nutrients supports various bodily functions.

Healthy Idli Recipes 

While traditional idli is undoubtedly nutritious, you can further enhance its health benefits by experimenting with different ingredients. Here are some healthy idli varieties you can try:

1. Oats Idli

 Replace a portion of rice with oats to boost fiber content. Oats are rich in soluble fiber, which can help lower cholesterol levels.

2. Ragi (Finger Millet) Idli

Ragi is a nutritious whole grain that adds a nutty flavor and extra fiber to your idli.

3. Whole Wheat Idli

 Use whole wheat flour or a mixture of rice and whole wheat to increase the fiber content and make your idlis even more wholesome.

4. Vegetable Idli

 Add finely grated or chopped vegetables like carrots, spinach, or peas to the batter to increase the nutritional value and add color.

5. Quinoa Idli

Quinoa is a complete protein source and can be used as a healthy substitute for some of the rice in the batter.

Idli For Breakfast 

Idli makes for an ideal breakfast choice, particularly for individuals aiming for weight management. Its combination of carbohydrates like the idli with the protein sources like sambhar, sprouts and eggs can keep you feeling energized throughout the morning, preventing the urge for unhealthy snacking.

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Portion Control is the KEY for Weight Loss:

Portion control is the cornerstone of successful weight loss. When it comes to determining whether idli is a good choice for weight loss, managing portion sizes is essential. Idli, a popular South Indian dish, can indeed be a part of a weight loss-friendly diet. 

It’s steamed, moderate in calories, and rich in nutrients. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of how many idlis you consume in one sitting.

Opt for a reasonable portion, pair it with healthy accompaniments like sambhar or eggs, and balance it with a variety of other nutritious foods to create a well-rounded and calorie-controlled meal plan that supports your weight loss goals.


Idli can indeed be a valuable component of a weight management plan when consumed mindfully and in moderation. Its low calorie, low-fat, and nutrient-rich profile make it a nutritious addition to your dietary regimen especially when having idli for breakfast. 

Simply ensure that you watch your portions and pair it with nutritious accompaniments for a well-balanced meal. 

To be certain, we suggest you also speak to our diabetes healthcare team, which has an expert dietician, physiotherapist and psychologist to understand the consumption of idli and is Idli good for weight loss? and much more. 

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