How To Stay Motivated and Lose Weight?

How to Stay Motivated and Lose Weight?
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We all dream of losing weight at some point in our lives. While there are no shortcuts for weight loss, the weight loss process may require a lot of dedication.

To experience weight loss one must incorporate a proper diet and exercise plan. Apart from diet and exercise, staying motivated to lose weight is an important criteria for weight loss. 

Considering human psychology it is quite difficult to stay excited about a new thing for long. However you can overcome this hiccough by getting an answer to why you want to lose weight.

The answer to this question is one of the main factors that can help stay motivated during your weight loss process. To keep up with your motivation for weight loss you must set a few weight loss goals. Also, you must ensure to burn more calories than you consume. 

We understand losing weight might be difficult and lack of motivation for weight loss is one of the biggest challenges. If you too are feeling demotivated you are not alone. Through this article, we will understand how to keep yourself motivated for weight loss. 

Let us first understand why it is so hard to lose weight.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Frequently people find it difficult to lose weight. The biggest challenge faced by people during the weight loss process is lack of time to incorporate all necessary lifestyle changes in order to lose weight.

People often juggle between their jobs, family and their responsibilities. The inability to find time and for focusing on oneself becomes difficult and this may be a major cause of demotivation among people. 

You must ensure to stay motivated for weight loss. The motivation for weight loss can be either extrinsic which comes from outside like rewards, or desire to look attractive. Whereas an intrinsic factor involves your desire to lose weight for personal satisfaction. 

It is frequently seen that people initially are very motivated for weight loss during the first few weeks. This lack of motivation within a few weeks is mainly because our mind, which is conditioned to get excited with anything that is new.

Due to the excitement to do something new people put all their energy into it. But with time, staying consistent with your efforts becomes a challenge – mostly not because you are not motivated but probably because you have so many practical problems and no solution.

For example, you want to exercise everyday but your office has given you a new project which demands you to stay back at the office during late evening hours.

Due to this, your gym membership has gone for a toss. Lack of exercise for a few days can bring in lethargy in the body and subsequently you just give up.

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How to stay motivated to lose weight?

Losing weight can be a challenging journey, and staying motivated throughout the process can be even more difficult. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and reach your weight loss goals:

1. Know WHY you want to lose weight

Why do you want to lose weight? The  answer to this question will always keep you motivated no matter whatever struggle you may come across in your weight loss journey. You need to keep reminding yourself of the ‘WHY’.

2. Set specific and achievable goals

Identify your weight loss goals and write them down. Make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. This will help you stay focused and motivated.

Have realistic goals – understand your capabilities and then fix a goal. Aiming to lose 15 kg in 3 months without enough time to dedicate to lifestyle modification may not be a realistic goal and can be very demotivating when not achieved.

3. Track your progress

Keep a record of your weight loss progress, including your weight, measurements, and the changes in your body. This will help you see how far you’ve come and motivate you to keep going.

Furthermore, you must record the amount of calorie intake and how much you exercise to balance out your calorie intake.

Knowing your calorie intake and the exercise you need to do to get rid of excessive calorie consumption can help you make healthier food choices. Also while tracking the calorie consumption you will be mindful of what you are eating.

By maintaining a weight loss diary can help you stay motivated and connected with your weight loss journey. By writing a diary you get to know about the exercise you did, your stress levels, your sleep pattern, and the food you ate. Recording these small data helps you make healthier choices and keeps up your motivation for weight loss.

However, sometimes writing a physical diary can be overwhelming. To overcome this difficulty you can use Fitterfly’s digital diary to keep a track of your weight loss journey.

4. Reward yourself

Celebrate your successes and milestones along the way. Treat yourself to something you enjoy, such as a massage, a new outfit, or a special healthy meal.

5. Engage in positive self-talk

You need to keep yourself motivated during the weight loss journey and you are your biggest motivation. Be gentle and compassionate to yourself. Do not be harsh or berate yourself if you missed your workout for one day. However, stay positive to achieve your goal by eating healthy and going for walks/exercise regularly. 

6. Avoid slips

Try not to miss on your exercise routine.  If you could not hit the gym today, make sure you work out the next day. Frequent slips can lead to a relapse which is not healthy at all.

7. Find a workout buddy 

Having a friend or family member who is also trying to lose weight can help keep you accountable and motivated. You can work out together, share healthy recipes, and encourage each other. While choosing a workout buddy you must ascertain that your workout buddy and you have almost similar fitness levels.

8. Keep it interesting

Mix up your exercise routine to keep it interesting and challenging. Try new activities, such as dance classes, yoga, or some physical activities that interest you. The inclusion of new activities breaks the boredom and lets you enjoy the activities you do for weight loss.

9. Focus on the benefits

Instead of just focusing on the number on the scale, remind yourself of the many benefits of losing weight, such as better health, increased energy, and improved self-confidence.

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Remember that setbacks are a normal part of the process. If you have a bad day or slip up on your diet, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, learn from the experience and move on.

By following these tips and staying committed to your weight loss goals, you can get the motivation for weight loss to achieve the healthy and happy body you desire.


Weight loss is a holistic approach that requires proper diet, exercise planning and a zeal to workout to lose weight. While it is easy to follow a plan sometimes time crunch and frequent slips can demotivate us from going for our exercise. 

Getting demotivated is a practical problem faced by several individuals who are trying to lose weight. While time crunch is a practical problem but by efficient time management you can overcome this difficulty.

Also, by keeping positive and by focusing on your end goal to reduce weight you can stay motivated.

However if you are feeling negative about your weight loss efforts or are finding it difficult to shed those extra kilos but fail to keep up with your motivation do not feel disheartened, Fitterefly’s scientific weight loss program can help you during your weight loss journey.

The experts at Fitterfly can help you lose weight while keeping you motivated and positive about your weight loss journey.

If you wish to learn more about our weight loss program please reach out to us.

- By Fitterfly Health-Team
No more postponing exercise plans.

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