Is Dark Chocolate Good For Diabetes?

Is Dark Chocolate Good For Diabetes?
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We frequently come across the health benefits of several foods on various digital and print platforms.  There hardly goes any day when we do not hear about the benefits of any food item be it red wine for heart health to yogurt for gut health.

You might have even come across the health benefits of dark chocolate and diabetes. But have ever thought to cross-check if dark chocolate is good for people with diabetes? 

Studies suggest that dark chocolate can lower your diabetes risk. Regulated consumption of at least 70% dark chocolate is good for people living with diabetes.

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In this article, we will understand the benefits of dark chocolate for people with diabetes.

 Is Dark Chocolate Good For Diabetes?

Yes, dark chocolate is good for diabetes. The flavonoids (Chocolate as a source of tea flavonoids – The Lancet) in dark chocolate help to regulate insulin levels and keep blood sugar levels stable. Dark chocolate also helps to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. 

Studies have shown that people with diabetes who consume dark chocolate in regulated amounts (10 grams) on a regular basis can benefit from better blood sugar control and improved blood pressure. Dark chocolate is also rich in polyphenol, which has naturally occurring antioxidant properties.

The polyphenol present in dark chocolate improves insulin sensitivity thereby helping to manage blood sugar levels. The improved insulin sensitivity may delay or prevent the onset of diabetes in individuals. 

Also, people who consumed dark chocolate in modest quantities at least once a week were less susceptible to developing diabetes. 

Nutritional Information Of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate nutrition facts and analysis. (

One piece or 35 grams dark chocolate contains:

Nutrient Quantity
Calories 200 kcal
Total Fat  13 gm
Saturated Fat 6 gm
Sodium 4.9 mg
Total Carbohydrate  18 gm
Dietary Fiber 3 gm
Sugar 13 gm
Proteins  3 gm
Calcium 36 mg
Iron 3 mg

What is the combination between dark chocolate and diabetes?

The combination of dark chocolate and diabetes may seem like an odd one. Yet this combination turns out to be beneficial for people with diabetes. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, which can help to protect the body’s cells from damage.

Additionally, dark chocolate can help to improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. While there is no cure for diabetes. These benefits of dark chocolate can help to manage the disease and improve quality of life.

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Although dark chocolate is good, not all chocolate is created equal.  The greater the cocoa content the healthier it is. (

Also, Before selecting a dark chocolate, kindly ensure that the dark chocolate has not been processed with alkali. Processing dark chocolate makes the chocolate less bitter, but this process removes the health properties of the chocolate. 

While dark chocolate is good for managing blood glucose levels, excessive consumption of dark chocolate can be harmful. The high fat content in chocolate can adversely affect your health.

How to choose a dark chocolate that lowers blood sugar levels?

Dark chocolate is good for reducing insulin resistance however it is a myth that dark chocolate can lower blood sugar levels.

Yes, the high-fat content in dark chocolate can prevent a spike in blood sugar levels, but uncontrolled consumption of fat and sugar-rich dark chocolate can cause uncontrolled blood glucose levels.

To avoid this you must be watchful of the content of the dark chocolate while ensuring that you take it in moderate amounts only.

How does dark chocolate help people with diabetes?

Dark chocolate has brought a tint of sweetness to the lives of people with diabetes. Dark chocolate helps to reduce insulin resistance.

The reduction in insulin resistance helps the body to utilize insulin in a better way. Also, the flavonoids present in dark chocolates help in regulating insulin levels in the body.

How much dark chocolate should a diabetic have per day?

Generally, people with diabetes can consume around 10 gm of dark chocolate every day. However, this quantity may vary depending on the sugar, fat, and calories present in it. People with diabetes must also avoid consuming processed dark chocolate. 

Snacking uncontrolled amounts of dark chocolate can increase your calorie intake which will eventually affect your blood glucose levels.

What are the advantages of having dark chocolate for diabetes?

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids that may reduce insulin resistance thereby improving insulin sensitivity. Additionally dark chocolate also helps in reducing clotting in the blood. The ability to reduce blood clotting helps in reducing the risk of developing heart conditions in people with diabetes. 

Also, the flavonoids help in maintaining the health of the endothelial cells that also form the inner lining of blood vessels.

Healthy Recipes Of Dark Chocolate For Diabetes

If you make recipes from dark chocolate the health benefits of dark chocolate are gone. So to get the maximum benefits of dark chocolates you must avoid cooking dark chocolates. However, you can have a small piece of it from the bar. 


The diagnosis of diabetes does not mean that you need to deprive yourself completely of chocolate. If you have diabetes, you can have unprocessed dark chocolate that has low sugar and fat content in it. However, you must consume dark chocolate i.e. less than 10 grams. 

Dark chocolate when taken in moderation has several health benefits like it decreases insulin resistance, good for heart health, and reducing your risk of developing blood clots. Dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to bring scrumptious chocolate into your life.

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