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How 88% Participants at a Leading Steel Company Shed an Average of 4kg with Fitterfly’s Weight Loss Program

Published on: Feb 14, 2024
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In India’s bustling corporate sector, a silent epidemic is emerging: the rise of weight-related health issues among employees. The long hours of sitting at desks are leading to an increase in weight gain, which, if unchecked, may lead to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, among other chronic conditions.

Acknowledging this issue, forward-thinking organizations are adopting an Employee-First philosophy. These companies recognize that their employees are their most valuable asset.

There’s been a heightened focus on investing in their health and happiness, especially after the pandemic. This commitment to employee wellness has yielded tangible benefits, including enhanced productivity, better attendance, and overall improved performance. And most importantly – a happy employee.

Against this backdrop, a leading Indian Steel Major approached us for assistance in bolstering their employees’ health. We were thrilled. We knew we could make a difference with Fitterfly’s Weight Loss program.

72% Of Enrolled Members Completed the Program!

Let us tell you something very interesting!  The average completion rate of most weight loss programs in India is just around 30-40%. But with this batch, Fitterfly touched a remarkable 72% of completion. The members who completed the program lost an average of 4kg, with some losing as much as 9.5kg!

But let us tell you, the program’s success was more than just about kilograms or centimeters lost. It also enhanced the participants’ lives, their fitness levels, and a positive mental health shift. 

Now, let’s see how our program did this.

1/3rd Drop in Calories Consumed

Diet and nutrition are at the heart of any Weight Loss Program. But it’s also the most challenging to follow. But a good diet plan can change that if it genuinely caters to a person’s food preference without making them sacrifice anything they love.

That’s why Fitterfly’s Nutrition Intervention personalizes the diet plan for every member because every individual’s food preference and weight loss goals are unique.

Before our Nutrition Intervention, we saw that most members were stress-eating and had poor eating habits. They mainly ate high-calorie cereal-based meals all the time (so most of their meals had only rice, roti, millet, etc).

90-95 % of them hardly ate fruits, needed more protein, and lacked fiber intake. All this led to more sugar cravings. To top this, the frequency of eating out was at least 2-3 times a week, which made junk eating go up.

With all this, how did we reduce their calorie intake from 1770 kcal to 1207 kcal? Here you go!

We started with the basics – enriching their main meals by increasing their fibre and protein consumption. 

  • First, we gave options to replace their existing cereals with more nutritious ones (like red poha, oats). 
  • Second, we increased their protein and fibre intake through dal, vegetables, salads, and fruits. 
  • Third, we told them to replace store-bought snacks with healthy protein-based snacks like nuts, seeds, eggs, sprouts, dals, etc. 
  • Fourth, we encouraged them to start exercising and reduce eating out (which came down to once a week).

By following these suggestions diligently, 88% of members lost weight, and the average BMI went down from 31 to 29!

Members Saw a 46% Improvement in Fitness Levels

Now, coming to the members’ fitness. It needed our immediate attention. The reason is that when the program started, a whopping 89% of the members had poor overall fitness scores! Our task was straightforward – we had to improve that number drastically to help them achieve their goals.

Fitterfly’s tailored physiotherapy intervention concentrated on two key areas: 

  • First, pinpointing and alleviating pain, which was the reason why many were avoiding exercising and
  • Second, encourage a consistent routine of strength and cardio workouts. 

After detailed assessments, the fitness coaches guided each member with what exercise to do and how to do it. They also constantly encouraged them not to give up!

As a result, the positive outcomes left the members very pleased with the program and themselves. It gave them the confidence to achieve and sustain their weight loss goals.

Here’s how the various fitness parameters saw a jump after our interventions.

16% Improvement in Overall Quality of Life after Our Psychology Interventions

When the participating members joined the Fitterfly Weight Loss program, many were struggling not just with their weight but with their minds, too. 3 out of 4 members were dealing with stress, feeling unhappy, and not sleeping well. It’s tough to focus on eating right and exercising when you’re weighed down by worries.

That’s why our program doesn’t just look at what you eat or how much you move. We start by tackling those stress-related issues head-on, right from the get-go, and keep at it throughout the program.

Our success coaches (psychology and mental wellness experts) use evidence-based IBT principles to help each member change old habits and build new, healthier ones. This is what they did:

  1. Recognize the stressors/triggers: Helped each member identify and understand what was stressing them or making them anxious (both in their personal, professional, and social lives)
  2. Coping Mechanisms: Stress cannot be removed from life! But with proper guidance, it can be significantly reduced. Our Success Coaches guided members with practical problem-solving, coping, and introspection techniques, which helped them learn the art of dealing with stress and how to bounce back in case of setbacks.
  3. Sustaining the plan: They equipped each member with personalized tools/solutions to maintain their mental health and well-being to retain the lost weight and peace of mind long after the program.

The results? A beautiful transformation in mental health and well-being. Let’s see the numbers:

The Bigger Picture: A Healthier Workforce

The success of the Fitterfly Weight Loss Program with this Steel Company is a clear indicator that focusing on the right weight management approach can lead to many health benefits that extend one’s personal and professional life. This initiative is a reminder for other corporate houses to invest in their employees’ wellness, paving the way for a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Learn more about our scientifically designed Fitterfly Weight Loss Program and clinically proven Fitterfly Diabetes Care Program. You can get in touch with us to know how you can enroll your employees in this program.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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