Top 20 Foods with Low Glycemic Index

Foods with Low Glycemic Index
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When you or a loved one has diabetes, you may be advised to include foods with lowest glycemic index (GI) in your diet for diabetes. Researching and picking such specific low GI foods can be challenging.

It’s best to learn more about foods with low glycemic index(GI), how to have them, and follow your diet plan strictly for effective diabetes management.


Understanding Low Glycemic Index Foods

The glycemic index measures the speed at which a food makes your blood sugar levels rise. The main idea behind using GI as a guiding factor in diet planning is to stabilise blood sugar fluctuations, control diabetes, promote weight management, and ensure sustained energy levels. 

The glycemic index is usually categorised under the following ratings:

  1. Low glycemic index: 55 or less
  2. Medium glycemic index: 56 to 69
  3. High glycemic index: 70 and above 

When a food item gradually raises blood sugar levels, its GI is usually low. Foods with a glycemic index of 55 or less are qualified as low GI foods.

A diet plan tailored to focus on foods with low glycemic index is called a low glycemic diet. It has a gradual or consistent effect on blood sugar levels. 

Key Features Of Having Foods With the Lowest Glycemic Index (GI) In Your Diet

  • You can combine a high-GI food item with foods with low glycemic index to reduce its overall influence on your blood sugar. Essentially, the GI of foods does not change, but its overall impact can be altered. 
  • When following a low GI diet, how you cook and combine meals is critical. A low-GI food behaves differently depending on how it is prepared. Boiling a potato, for example, has a lesser effect on blood sugar levels than baking it. Knowing how to prepare low-GI meals ensures that they are well-balanced for diabetes management.

Benefits of Foods With Low Glycemic Index

Here are a few advantages to a low glycemic diet:

  1. Better and more consistent blood sugar control
  2. Improved appetite fluctuations
  3. Better diabetes management 
  4. Reduced likelihood of developing insulin resistance
  5. Diabetes complications are less likely to occur.
  6. Consistent energy levels
  7. Improved weight control
  8. Better heart health due to improved cholesterol control

List of Foods  With Lowest Glycemic Index

Here is a list of foods in their raw state and their respective GI indices:

Type of Food GI Type of Food GI
Rajma/Kidney Beans 24 Brinjal/ eggplant 15
Chole or chickpeas 28 Carrots 16
Moong dal 29 Cauliflower 10
Urad dal 43 Apple 36
Toor dal 22 Capsicum 15
Masoor dal 25 Dates 42
Chana dal/Bengal gram 8 Tomatoes 15
Matta Rice or Kerala red rice 36 Pears 30
Soyabean 16 Curd  28
Daliya 41 Paneer or cottage cheese 27
Red poha 38 Chhaas or buttermilk 20
Peanuts  14 Almonds  10
Lobia 33 Cheese 0-10
Bhindi/Okra 20 Kaala chana 28-32
Green beans  32 Mushrooms 10
Onions 10 Karela/ gourd 18
Cabbage 10 or less Lauki/ bottle gourd 15
Green peas 22 Palak/ spinach 15
Radish 8 Multi-grain bread 48
Cucumber  15

GI acts as a speedometer for everything you eat. Foods with higher values quickly raise your blood sugar levels but also quickly drop them, creating a roller coaster ride for your energy levels and diabetes management. 

A low GI diet, on the other hand, is a smooth, sustained leisure ride—ideal for maintaining stable blood sugar levels, weight control, and overall fitness. 


Whether you are looking to stay fit or have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, including foods with the lowest glycemic index in your diet can be a real game-changer.

Consider consulting our expert diabetologists and dieticians on Fitterfly’s Diabetes Care Programme to learn when and how to prepare a GI friend diet chart.

You can speak with us by just giving a missed call at 08069450746, and we will definitely get back to you. Together, let us make the journey towards healing from diabetes more healthy and enjoyable.

- By Fitterfly Health-Team

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