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Fitness Awareness Among Children – A Necessity in Modern Times

Published on: May 23, 2021
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Children in India face a crisis which did not exist in the previous generation, which is the onset of lifestyle diseases in children at a very early age. According to a research conducted by World Health Organisation in 2016, childhood obesity is reaching alarming proportions with India reporting around 22% prevalence rate over the last 5 years in children and adolescents aged between 5-19 years.

Raising concerns about the rise of adult diseases in youth, like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes,heart disease and osteoporosis, the report highlights the effect of obesity on a child’s immediate health, educational attainment and quality of life. According to Dr. Arbinder Singal, CEO, Fitterfly, “The way chronic lifestyle diseases are coming at an early age and affecting large chunk of people, the only way to prevent them is to sow the seeds of fitness and healthy food right in childhood. This is the only way we will be able to fight the assault of diabetes and heart disease.”

A new report by a commission formed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified “marketing of unhealthy foods and non-alcoholic beverages” as a major factor of increase in the number of children being overweight and obese, particularly in the developing world. Lack of physical activity in children also is a major factor in the increase of childhood health issues.

Importance of fitness and nutrition assessments

One of the major perception of fitness in India is dependent upon how the child looks. If the child looks thin and is not exceptionally fat, he or she is considered as fit, which may not be true. Fitness involves various parameters apart from just body composition such as muscle endurance, stamina and flexibility, which would be known after a fitness assessment.

Nutritionally too parents believe that if a child is eating home made food, he is receiving a balanced diet which again may not be necessarily true. It is essential that a child receives all the required nutrients for healthy growth without compromising on any macro nutrient (protein, fat and carbohydrates), nutrients required for a healthy bone structure, digestive system, healthy heart, brain development and immunity system.

Fitness and nutrition assessments help parents to gauge the health of their children and inculcating routine assessments could prove helpful for the overall health and fitness of children all over India.

For the first time in Kharghar at MITR Hospital on June 3rd, Fitterfly brings you comprehensive Fitness and Nutrition Assessments for children which would help you know the fitness level of your child along with exact areas of improvement.

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