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Get Results with This Step-by-Step Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Updated on: Feb 07, 2024
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diet plan for weight loss
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The bottom line for any diet plan for weight loss is to cut down on calories while eating all the nutrients you need. While the internet is flooded with diet plans for weight loss, choosing the right plan tailored to your body is essential.

Selecting an Indian diet plan for weight loss may sometimes feel challenging—given the fact that we are too attached to our ‘aloo sabzi’, rice preparations, and tea-time ‘namkeens’. However, with the country’s obese population rising, it is time we buckle up to find the best Indian diet plan to lose weight. 


The Importance of a Well-Structured Diet Plan for Weight Loss

A well-planned weight loss diet plan chart has the following benefits:

  • Controlled calorie intake: when you eat fewer calories than you burn, you create a calorie deficit that helps reduce weight
  • Portion control: It stops you from over-eating and bingeing. A diet plan for weight loss will tell you how many grams/spoons/bowls of a particular item are to be eaten.
  • Give you healthy yet customized food choices: An Indian diet plan for men and women will suggest healthier alternatives suited to your taste.
  • Ensures balanced nutrition: An Indian weight loss diet plan chart will guarantee a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, along with vitamins and minerals.

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss 

Here is a 7-day weight loss diet plan designed by specialists for both men and women. Remember that this is a basic strategy, and there are no calories mentioned. You can use the Fitterfly Metabolic Health App to track calories, activity, and other metrics.

On waking up – 1 pinch cinnamon powder in one glass of water.


Option 1  1 small bowl of dalia upma with veggies + 1 small bowl of chana
Option 2  2 small vegetable besan cheela + mint chutney
Option 3  1 small vegetable oats poha + 1 boiled egg/omlette
Option 4  2 vegetable idli + 1 medium bowl sambhar/ 1 small bowl dal chutney
Option 5  2 small oats vegetable cheela + 1 small bowl curd
Option 6  1 medium vegetable uttapam + 1 small bowl dal chutney
Option 7  1 small bowl wheat vermicelli upma + 1 small bowl boiled moong

Mid-morning – 1 glass chia seed water or 1 glass sabja water or 1 glass buttermilk


Option 1  1 medium bowl mixed salad + 2 small phulka + 1 medium bowl curd + 1 medium bowl green leafy   vegetable
Option 2  1 medium bowl cucumber raita + 1 medium bowl paneer/chicken pulao with veggies
Option 3  1 medium bowl sprout salad + 1 medium vegetable paratha + green chutney
Option 4  1 medium bowl tomato carrot salad + 1 medium bowl brown rice + 1 medium bowl rajma curry/egg curry
Option 5  1 medium bowl chopped salad + 1 small phulka + 1 small bowl rice + 1 medium bowl chole curry
Option 6  1 medium bowl mixed salad + 2 small phulka + 1 medium bowl curd + 1 medium bowl gravy vegetable
Option 7  1 medium bowl kuchumber + 1 medium bowl brown rice + 1 medium bowl kadhi without pakoda

Evening snack  

Option 1  1 cup green tea/ black tea/black coffee
Option 2  1 small seasonal fruit + 1 tbsn mixed seeds / 5 almonds/ 2 walnuts/ 1 tbsn roasted chana


Option 1  1 medium bowl mixed salad + 1 medium Jowar roti + 1 medium bowl paneer curry/ chicken curry
Option 2  1 medium bowl onion cucumber salad + 1 medium bowl oats khichdi + 1 medium bowl curd/boiled egg
Option 3  1 medium bowl tomato raita + 1 medium paneer paratha + mint chutney
Option 4  1 medium bowl carrot onion salad + 1 medium bowl brown rice + 1 medium bowl dal + 1 medium bowl dry vegetable
Option 5  1 medium bowl vegetable soup + 1 medium paneer vegetable wrap
Option 6  1 medium bowl grilled veggies + 1 medium bowl buckwheat khichdi + 1 medium bowl curd
Option 7  1 medium bowl chicken / paneer salad + 2 small phulka + 1 medium mixed vegetable

Tips on Making Healthier Choices When Dining Out or Facing Social Gatherings 

A few ways to eat smart when eating out:

  • Plan your meal: Skim through the menu and pick what’s best for you
  • Drink water 15-30 minutes before eating: The water makes you feel full and prevents overeating
  • Mindful eating: Chew and savour each food item well. Listen to your hunger cues well
  • Balance your choices: Eat fried foods and sweets in moderation
  • Stay active: Do not get into bed soon after a heavy dinner; eat 2-3 hours before bedtime to help with digestion.

How Exercise Complements The Diet Plan For More Effective Weight Loss

You can get the maximum benefits of a weight loss diet plan chart only if you complement it with daily physical activities and workouts. How?

  • It boosts your metabolism
  • Burns calories
  • Builds muscle mass by shredding fat and building lean muscle weight
  • Reduces stress and its related issues of binge eating, weight gain, deranged hormones, etc.
  • Keeps you active and fit.
Looking for the perfect Indian diet for Weight Loss?

India's top Weight Loss nutritionists are here to help

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How to Overcome Diet Challenges 

There are two things that help overcome issues with adhering to a diet plan for weight loss:

  • Unrealistic goals 
  • Lack of motivation

How can you overcome them?

Understanding the true cause of your weight gain, expert guidance on the best Indian diet plan to lose weight, and seeking support from friends, family, and co-workers to stay motivated in your journey to lose weight can help.


If you are looking for an Indian diet plan for weight loss that is healthy yet tasty and affordable, consult our expert weight loss experts on Fitterfly’s Weight Loss Programme. You can also directly sign up if you wish to know more.  

You can also use our Healthy Weight Calculator to help you stay ahead of your weight-loss journey

Without much adieu, speak with us by just dialling a missed call at 08069450746, and we will definitely get back to you. Together, let us make the journey towards fitness more healthy and enjoyable.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diet plan for weight loss? How do I choose the right diet plan for me?

The right diet plan for weight loss is one that cuts back on calories, provides balanced nutrition, and is tailored to your dietary preferences, tastes, and budget.

Are there specific foods I should avoid when following a weight-loss diet?

Foods that are high in calories are to be reduced when on a weight loss diet plan chart; a few examples are sugary treats, fried foods, fast foods, etc.

How many calories should I consume in a day for weight loss?

The amount of calories to be consumed per day when on a diet plan for weight loss will be correctly determined by your expert dietician. Your weight, body type, health status, etc. influence the quantity of calories you should consume.

Can I still enjoy my favourite foods while on a weight-loss diet?

Yes, dieticians and physicians do not recommend that you completely quit any of your favourite foods. Instead, they promote—moderation is the key. Opt for portion control and reduced frequency when enjoying savoury foods.

How long will it take to see results on a weight loss diet plan?

Crash diets and quick weight loss are not recommended. The best Indian diet plan to lose weight may take anywhere from weeks to months. It depends on suitability, adherence, and body response to the diet chart.

Are there any risks associated with weight loss diets?

Improperly planned weight loss diet plan chart may cause muscle loss, nutritional deficiencies, and weakness. It is advisable to consult an expert dietician to avoid such risks.

Is it advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting a weight loss diet?

Yes. It is best to consult a physician before starting a diet plan for weight loss. Underlying health issues, gut problems, etc. may worsen if not considered when planning the diet.

- By Fitterfly Health-Team

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