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Diabetes Success Story: Sneha Roongta’s Life-Changing Journey

Published on: Jul 06, 2023
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Diabetes, a condition that can greatly affect one’s quality of life, has the potential to be effectively managed and controlled regardless of age or gender. The key to achieving this lies in two crucial elements: belief and determination. The belief that you CAN control your Diabetes can strengthen your efforts to make it actually happen.

And that’s exactly what happened with Sneha Roongta, one of our cherished Fitterfly Diabetes Care Program members. 

With her strong belief and sheer determination, Sneha succeeded in managing her blood sugar level really well. In fact, after seeing her excellent results, today, she feels like the happiest person in the world 🙂

Diabetes Success Story Sneha Roongta's Life-Changing Journey

Want to know how this happened? Read on…

Flashback to Sneha Roongta’s Medical History

 Sneha Roongta, a 34-year-old Chartered Accountant, works in Gurgaon. She had a history of pre-diabetes since 2019 but ignored it. On top of that, she also didn’t focus much on modifying her diet. In 2022, during a vacation at her mother’s place, she indulged in binging on sweets.

That’s when she experienced certain symptoms, which pushed her to get an HbA1c Test done. And much to her shock, her HbA1c levels had hit the roof at 8.8%, and her lipid profile, too, was deranged! Her doctor confirmed that she has Type 2 Diabetes!

After the initial breakdown, Sneha rose up, determined not to let Diabetes pull her down. She decided to follow her doctor’s advice and joined the Fitterfly program. 

HbA1c target levels

Fitterfly Coach Observations on Sneha’s Condition

Sneha’s coaches at Fitterfly observed that the amount of work that Sneha had on her plate stressed her immensely. This led to her neglecting her own well-being and responsibilities.

Balancing work, health, and personal commitments became difficult, especially when there were difficult deadlines. This constant pressure and lack of balance started affecting her sleep, causing disturbances throughout the night.

Observation 1: Health issues and disruptions in daily life

Sneha’s HbA1c levels were alarmingly high at 8.8%, indicating poor blood sugar control. In addition, her lipid levels were deranged, pointing to potential cardiovascular risks.

She had been experiencing symptoms commonly associated with diabetes, including disrupted sleep, weakness, body pain, and a persistent heaviness in her chest after taking prescribed medications. She also found herself plagued by hunger pangs around 6 pm, further adding to her health concerns.

No more stress while managing diabetes

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Observation 2: Psychological and sleep deprivation

The impact of her poor sleep quality was evident, leaving her feeling constantly tired and fatigued. As a result, her productivity suffered, and she struggled to find the motivation to prioritise her health. Every time her readings came back high, she couldn’t help but feel anxious and worried about her condition.

Program Interventions That Helped Sneha Manage Diabetes Effectively

Our team of Coaches made targeted changes across various aspects of Sneha’s diabetes management plan to address these concerns and support her progress. 

These key interventions were implemented:

1. Diet modifications

  • Sneha’s Nutrition Coach addressed her irregular meal timings because of her hectic schedule by assigning specific time slots for each meal. For example, have breakfast between 7-8 am and not to push it to later, to start with a spoonful of methi seeds and nuts, avoid fruits in the morning as her fasting sugar levels were high and eat it as a snack around 12 noon with some seeds.
  • To follow a balanced plate method, including a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fiber at fixed time slots.
  • To include a protein-rich snack at around 5 pm to reduce hunger pangs
  • To have a light dinner by 8:30 pm which could be a one pot dish like dalia khichdi with veggies and curd or paneer pulao with vegetable raita. 

2. Enhancing fitness levels

Sneha was unaware of the importance of exercise in controlling diabetes. So, we started by educating her about that.

  • The Physio Coach then recommended a personalised exercise program that included strength training, cardio exercises, and flexibility exercises. 
  • To accommodate her busy work schedule, specific exercises were suggested that could be performed in a chair-sitting position. This allowed her to remain active even during her work hours
  • Owing to the restlessness she experienced in her legs, especially at night, some ankle exercises were suggested, which helped her.
  • At the end of the program, Sneha’s Fitness levels were at an all-time high!
  1. Upper body strength improved by 67.86%.
  2. Lower body strength improved drastically by 10 times.
  3. Core strength was good, to begin with, and improved by 8.11%.
  4. Flexibility improved by 1.5 times.
  5. Cardiovascular function improved by 14.48%.
  • These improvements were determined by repeating the same fitness tests conducted at the beginning of the program to ascertain the value. Like 1 minute push-up test to ascertain upper body strength.

No more stress while managing diabetes

Don’t struggle alone & get the expert care you deserve

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3. Psychological Interventions and Wellbeing

When Sneha joined the program, her Success Coach identified that her stress was triggered because of interpersonal conflicts, guilt regarding self-care, and parental concerns. 

  • When stressed, she exhibited irritability and anger, struggled to relax, and experienced guilt associated with prioritising self-related tasks. 
  • The Success Coach provided specific psychological interventions, such as thought records, anger management techniques, decision-making strategies, emotion regulation practices, gratitude journaling, and addressing parental concerns.
  • Sleep hygiene and deep breathing exercises were introduced for sleep management. 
  • As a result, Sneha’s stress levels decreased, sleep quality improved, emotions became more regulated, and overall functioning and mood improved. 

A Successful Report Card  

Success Story of Sneha Roongta

Conquering Diabetes: Sneha Roongta’s Empowering Journey 

Sneha Roongta’s journey with Fitterfly has been life-changing as she successfully managed her diabetes with remarkable results. With her HbA1c levels improving from 8.8% to 5.7% within three months, along with weight reduction, improved blood sugar levels, and enhanced overall well-being, Sneha credits Fitterfly for completely transforming her life.

Through personalised diet modifications, fitness routines, and psychological interventions, Fitterfly provided the necessary support and guidance to help Sneha overcome challenges, achieve her health goals, and find newfound happiness in her diabetes management journey.

If you, too, are struggling to bring your blood sugar levels under control despite several attempts, or trying to get rid of unwanted weight, don’t get disheartened. We are here to help you. Reach out to us at Fitterfly. Our expert-backed Diabetes Care Program, driven by Science, Technology, and Love can help take care of your diabetes. 

To know more, read about our Diabetes Care Program here!


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No more stress while managing diabetes

Don’t struggle alone & get the expert care you deserve

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