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Diabefly – The Best Diabetes Management Program to Prevent, Reverse or Manage Diabetes

December 2020

Our biggest takeaway from 2020 is going to be the importance of good health. Health is, indeed, wealth.

If you too like many are prioritising your health above everything else, know that medications alone are not enough. A healthy lifestyle is a must – no matter what health goal you’re trying to achieve.

This holds especially true for people living with conditions such as Diabetes. In fact, a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition, physical activity, normal weight or BMI, good sleep and stress-free life form the cornerstone of effective Diabetes management.

Coupled with your Doctor’s treatment plan, a healthy lifestyle has the potential of preventing, reversing or even controlling your Diabetes much better.

For staying healthy and for preventing Diabetes-related complications, one requires discipline. You must be able to pick the healthier option when browsing a menu or say no to a piece of cake or do some exercise even on the busiest days.

Let a Qualified Diabetes Management Coach Guide & Motivate You

When it is easy to stray from your path, having a Coach to guide and motivate you helps.

A team of qualified Coaches who complement your Doctor’s treatment plan seamlessly is one you should consider. A team comprising of a Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and Psychologist can guide you about your diet, exercise, weight, sleep and stress.

All-in-all, your Doctor can manage your medicines, while your Coaches can manage your lifestyle.

Together, they will help you achieve your Diabetes management goals.

How do I choose my Diabetes Management Coach?

While there are plenty of Diabetes Management Coaches and Coaching services out there, not all of them might be equally effective. Why so? Simply because most of them follow the one-size-fits-all approach.

But no two people are alike. So their Diabetes management plans can’t be either. An important factor that most people tend to ignore is their personalised glycemic response.

What is personalised glycemic response, and how does it matter?

Your personalised glycemic response indicates how different foods and exercises affect your blood sugars throughout the day. To put it simply, how the four chapatis you had at breakfast caused your blood sugars to spike at 11 AM.

Or how having a balanced dinner with enough protein and fibre caused your post-dinner blood sugars to be stable and so on.

Personalised Glycemic Response - Different foods, different glycemic response for the same person

When your Diabetes Management Coach is empowered with data like this, they can help you with a personalised diet and exercise plan that can yield amazing results.

Another thing to note is that not everyone has the same glycemic response to the same foods. So if your blood sugars are not affected by rice, then you don’t have to give it up – even if it is widely accepted that people with Diabetes must give up rice.

Instead of following advice that’s generic, it’s time to follow the advice that is hyper-personalised to you and your blood sugars.

Personalised Glycemic Response - Same food, different glycemic response for different people

How Diabefly customises Diabetes Care Plans using Personalised Glycemic Response?

There’s no scarcity of Diabetes care programs. However, what makes Diabefly the best Diabetes management program is the fact that it offers hyper-personalised care based on never-before-used data known as personalised glycemic response.

Using the insightful data from personalised glycemic response, the Coaches at Diabefly can identify the factors that are detrimental to your blood sugars. Having this information also allows them to suggest fewer and smaller changes that give bigger results.

The Diabefly approach is one that doesn’t involve restrictions. No strict diets that stop you eating what you love, no out-of-the-blue diet foods that you won’t be able to eat for more than two days. No sweating it out in the gym till you hate the sight of it!

How Diabefly Works?

Diabefly is a digital Diabetes management program with a simple yet effective approach. We begin by analysing your current diet and lifestyle (on the Fitterfly Wellness App), correlating it with your blood sugar fluctuations using a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) or Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring (AGM).

We then suggest personalised diet and exercise plans that are easy to follow, sustainable and help you change your unhealthy habits to healthy ones.

Not only that, Diabefly is the only Diabetes Management Program that offers a Psychologist for improving diabetes control. The Psychologists begin by assessing your sleep and stress patterns.

Based on the results, they offer personalised wellness interventions that help you manage diabetes by taking charge of your sleep patterns and stress levels.

Like we’ve said, Diabetes is a chronic condition that needs long term care. If you want to live a healthy life that’s free from Diabetes-related worries and complications, you must lead a healthy life – for life – not just for a few weeks or months.

Our aim at Diabefly – India’s first & only CGMS/ AGM-based Diabetes management program – is to help you change your behaviour and help you build habits that will last you a lifetime!

Outcomes to prove that Diabefly is the Best Diabetes Management Program in India

Diabefly’s success rate is outstanding. 85% of Diabefly customers have seen significant clinical improvements. Our results have been published on International platforms. We’re trusted and recommended by Doctors all around the country and loved by people!

Our program’s outstanding outcomes have been published at various international conferences:

  1. 85% of patients on Diabefly Pro have shown a drop in HbA1c levels.
  2. 1.22% drop in HbA1c on average amongst those patients who showed a reduction
  3. 1% drop in HbA1c on average in 3 months
  4. 22% of patients on Diabefly Pro reduced or stopped diabetes medications/ insulin injections
  5. 40% of patients lost weight significantly and became more active.

To know more or sign up for Diabefly – India’s Best Diabetes Management Program, call us on +9122 48971077 or visit www.fitterfly.com/diabefly now.

About Diabefly

Diabefly is India’s best Diabetes management program that has proven to reduce HbA1c in 85% of customers. Diabefly offers personalised care on diet, exercise, sleep, stress and weight management to help people with Diabetes reach their blood sugar targets.

Doctors trust Diabefly as the best Diabetes management plan as it uses the power of CGMS/ AGM devices.

For more information visit, www.fitterfly.com/diabefly or call us at +9122 48971077

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