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Beating the Odds: How Vandana Jha Tackled Diabetes with Fitterfly

Updated on: Feb 01, 2024
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Success Story - Vandana Jha
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In the face of a challenging condition like diabetes, the power of belief and determination can work wonders. Meet Vandana Jha, a valued member of our Fitterfly Diabetes Care Program who faced the challenges of managing diabetes while juggling a demanding job.

With an unwavering belief in her ability to take control and sheer determination, Vandana achieved remarkable success in managing her blood sugar levels. Today, she wears a smile that reflects the joy of a person who has conquered her challenges and found happiness in her journey towards better health.

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A Brief Snapshot of Vandana’s Medical History

Vandana, a 39-year-old lady working as a teacher, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015. Her HbA1c level was sky-high at 12.6%, indicating poor blood sugar control. 

 Owing to the nature of her work which required her to be standing for long hours – she had developed chronic neck and back pain. On top of it, she also had recurrent headaches and pain in her legs due to occasional swelling.

Looking at her alarming HbA1c levels, her doctor suggested she either lose weight or start with insulin doses. Vandana was determined not to jump to insulin and first explore alternative methods through strict lifestyle modification. Her doctor then suggested she join Fitterfly’s Diabetes Care Program, which gave her a ray of hope.

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Fitterfly Coach’s Observations on Vandana’s Condition

Vandana’s coach at Fitterfly noted that she had moderate level diabetes distress and her HbA1c was very high at 12.6% indicating alarming blood sugar levels and poor diabetes management.

Before joining the program she used to indulge in emotional stress eating sometimes as a coping mechanism to handle stress or boredom and had a huge craving for sweets and street food. She also had disturbed sleep, as a result of which she experienced restlessness during the daytime.

Success Story - Vandana Jha

Fitterfly Diabetes Care Program Interventions That Helped Vandana Manage Diabetes in a Better Way

Vandana’s coaches at Fitterfly made a step-by-step progression plan to control   her diabetes which included: 

1. Diet Interventions

Vandana was a habitual emotional stress eater.  This posed a huge challenge in maintaining a balanced diet. Her diet coach introduced her to behavioral therapy techniques like cognitive delay and mindful eating.

2. Starting with Small Goals

 Vandana began her journey with a simple goal of 3,000 steps/day, gradually increasing it to 5,000 steps/day within a week. Alongside yoga, she started feeling lighter and more energetic.

3. Overcoming Sleep Disturbances

 Vandana’s disturbed sleep was effectively managed through sleep hygiene techniques like setting a healthy bedtime routine, avoiding screen time before sleep, and forward and backward counting. All this contributed to significantly improving her sleep quality.

Compliant and Comfortable During the Program: Looking at Vandana’s ability and excellent adherence to the coach’s suggestions, she was gradually introduced to weight training, mobility workouts, and a step goal of 10,000 steps/day. Needless to say, she aced these goals too!

4. Managing Diabetes Distress

 Vandana’s concerns about her diabetes were addressed through detailed psychoeducation, encouragement, and motivation. The techniques introduced by her wellness coach significantly reduced her diabetes distress too.

Measuring Vandana’s  Success after Fitterfly Diabetes Care Program

At the end of her journey, Vandana experienced no pain complaints, enhanced posture, and significant changes in body composition. Her overall fitness scores improved by a whopping 167%, including a 150% increase in upper body strength, a staggering 1600% increase in lower body strength, 188% increase in core strength, and 88% improvement in flexibility.

1. Drastic Improvement in Sleep Quality:

Vandana’s sleep disturbances decreased by a remarkable 75%, shifting from poor sleep to good sleep category.

2. Reduction in Diabetes Distress:

Her diabetes distress was reduced by 43%, alleviating her worries and fears related to her high HbA1c levels.

3. Increase in Motivation:

By the end of the program, Vandana’s motivation levels improved by 26%, showcasing her determination and dedication.

Success Story Vandana Jha

Vandana’s Inspiring diabetes reversal journey

Vandana’s inspiring journey with Fitterfly demonstrates the power of lifestyle modifications and personalized interventions in managing diabetes effectively.

From weight loss and improved blood sugar control to enhanced overall fitness, Vandana’s dedication and the Fitterfly Program’s effectiveness have brought about remarkable positive changes in her life. 

Through personalised diet modifications, fitness routines, and psychological interventions, Fitterfly provided the necessary support and guidance to help Vandana overcome challenges, achieve her health goals, and find newfound happiness in her diabetes management journey.

If you, too, are struggling to bring your blood sugar levels under control despite several attempts, or trying to get rid of increased blood sugar levels, and medicine, then don’t get disheartened. We are here to help you. Reach out to us at Fitterfly. Our clinically-proven Diabetes Care Program, based on advanced research can help take care of your diabetes. 

Read more about our Diabetes Care Program and do consider signing up!! 

If Vandana can reverse her diabetes, so can you! Just give us a missed call on 08069450746, we’ll call you right back to guide you.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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