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Diabetes Success Story: Aastha Kaushik – If a 14 Year Old Can Beat Diabetes, You Too Can!

Published on: May 31, 2023
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Aastha Kaushik Banne
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Diabetes Success Story: Aastha Kaushik

When we hear the word ‘diabetes,’ we often associate it with middle-aged and older adults, overlooking the fact that this condition can affect younger individuals as well, including adolescents. Here is a heartfelt story of a young 14-year-old who defied the odds and triumphed over diabetes with us at Fitterfly. Here’s a snapshot of what she achieved in just 3 months


Getting to Know Aastha & a Peek into her medical history!

Introducing Aastha Kaushik, a bright class 9 student hailing from Haryana. Despite her young age, Aastha frequently experienced feelings of lethargy and fatigue, prompting her to seek medical advice. Following consultations with her doctor, a series of investigations were conducted, revealing elevated levels of HbA1c which revealed that she had diabetes.

Recognizing the importance of addressing her weight concerns to tackle diabetes, her doctor recommended joining the Fitterfly Program as part of her comprehensive treatment plan. Additionally, Aastha was prescribed Metformin 500 by her doctor to aid in her journey towards better health. During the program, Aastha experienced positive outcomes, leading to a reduction in her Metformin dosage to 250 mg. However, certain circumstantial factors, such as her focus on exams, necessitated an adjustment back to the original dosage of 500 mg.

How did Fitterfly’s 3 Coach Team Plan for Aastha

On joining FitterFly, Aastha was recommended a nutrition plan, physiotherapy plan and success coach lessons.

1) Nutrition Strategy

Our Nutrition Coach took a proactive approach to devise a nutrition plan that would fuel Aastha’s journey towards better health.

  • Understanding the significance of balanced meals, we recommended healthy eating habits that aligned with her school timings. Calculated distribution of macronutrients was charted for her
  • Aastha’s diet underwent a remarkable transformation as we encouraged her to reduce her fat intake, particularly from packaged foods, and introduced the goodness of fiber-rich salads. Although initially hesitant, Aastha’s observation of positive changes sparked a newfound appreciation for salads, leading her to willingly incorporate them into her meals.
  • We also acknowledged her fondness for potatoes and allowed occasional indulgence in potato-based dishes.
  • We emphasized the importance of self-monitoring her blood glucose levels (SMBG), a task that Aastha admirably embraced without finding it burdensome. While we diligently monitored her sugar levels during dinner and breakfast at home, we also encouraged Aastha to share her lunch readings during holidays, allowing us to maintain a comprehensive oversight of her progress.

2) Fitness Plan

Understanding the impact of excess weight on her condition, Aastha’s Physio Coach at Fitterfly, designed a comprehensive physiotherapy plan tailored to her needs.

  • Considering her BMI and flexibility, we incorporated age-appropriate joint protective exercises that would contribute to her overall well-being.
  • A key component of Aastha’s fitness plan was aerobic exercise. We recommended engaging in activities (like walking) that would elevate her heart rate and increase her endurance
  • To provide a clear goal to work towards, we encouraged her to achieve a daily step count of 10,000 steps as part of her exercise regime. This target ensured she remained active and made consistent progress in her fitness journey.

This plan of combining joint protective exercises, aerobic workouts, and a tangible step goal, we aimed to empower Aastha to take charge of her physical health.

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3) Success Plan

Aastha’s Success Coach (Psychology and Wellbeing Expert) played a vital role in supporting her emotional well-being throughout her journey. We identified 2 main triggers for her and taught her techniques to manage it.

1. Condition related Stress

  • Aastha was subconsciously unhappy about her Diabetes condition. She felt that at an age when she could have been gorging on yummy sweets and chocolates, she’s having to curb it. This made her feel sad too. We identified that this triggered emotional stress eating patterns in her where she would turn to chocolates when feeling worried or stressed.
  • To help her manage this behavior, we introduced alternative healthy coping mechanisms. Aastha was rewarded every time she successfully avoided emotional eating occurrences, reinforcing positive choices and building resilience.

2. Tackling Exam Stress

  • Aastha faced additional stress due to her academic commitments.
  • To alleviate this stress, our coach recommended mindfulness practices and box breathing techniques. By practicing mindfulness, Aastha learned to stay present and manage her stress effectively.

3. Sleep Management

  • Aastha’s Success Coach also addressed the impact of poor sleep on her stress levels and diabetes management.
  • We advised her to prioritize good sleep hygiene by eliminating delayed sleep time.
  • This guidance aimed to improve her sleep quality and reduce the impact of sleep-related stressors on her diabetes management.

This way, through our comprehensive 3 Coach Team plan, Aastha received the necessary support to bridge the gap in her nutritional needs, fitness levels, addressed emotional challenges, managed stress, and established healthy sleep habits.

Listen to Aastha’s journey in her own words:

Empowered by Friendship : Aastha’s Diabetes Journey Thrived Thanks to an Incredible Support System 

A huge factor that helped Aastha was the exceptional support system within her school environment. Instead of subjecting her to bullying or ridicule, her friends and classmates played a pivotal role in her diabetes management journey. They actively encouraged and reminded Aastha to make healthy food choices, showing genuine care and understanding. The unwavering support and positivity from her peers proved to be a powerful motivator for Aastha.

If Aastha could, you too can!

Aastha’s story demonstrates that age is just a number when it comes to diabetes. With the right support, professional help, and a positive mindset, young individuals like Aastha can lead normal, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

If you or a young person in your life is struggling to control blood sugar levels or facing the impact of this condition, don’t hesitate to contact Fitterfly and enroll in our Diabetes Prime Program.

Empower yourself today and take the first step towards a healthier future. Speak to our Program Advisor and embark on your own journey towards managing diabetes with confidence.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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No more stress while managing diabetes

Don’t struggle alone & get the expert care you deserve

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