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Technology-led Behaviour Changes for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Published on: Aug 28, 2023
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Contemporary approaches to managing metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity emphasise the importance of adopting behavioural changes for achieving lasting treatment outcomes. At Fitterfly, we are dedicated to integrating technology-led behavioural changes in metabolic disorders within our members.

This is achieved through our meticulously designed and clinically validated Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Programs. One of our in-house studies conducted with 108 participants revealed that personalised glycemic responses (PGR) complemented by dietary behaviour modifications led to improved glycemic control and weight reduction.

In order to offer a comprehensive grasp of how Fitterfly’s DTx Programs drive technology-driven behavioural changes in diabetes and obesity, we organised an interactive discussion featuring Dr. Arbinder Singal (Co-Founder & CEO, Fitterfly) and Dr. Neelesh Bhandari (Vice President-Physician Partnerships, Fitterfly). The focal points of the conversation encompassed the following areas:

Myths Related to Behaviour Changes

Dr. Arbinder Singal started the discussion by explaining the various myths associated with behaviour changes for metabolic disorders. These false beliefs include justifying behaviour changes as common sense and expecting every patient to implement them merely by sharing information regarding the expected behaviour modifications.

However, in the last decade, substantial work has been carried out in behaviour economics. Researchers have concluded that there should be a challenge, specific intention and attention for influencing a behavioural change. Moreover, habit-building changes require 21 days of repetition, and to last for a lift time, it requires 90 days of repetition.

Dr. Arbinder Singal [MBBS (Gold Medalist), M.Ch. (AIIMS Gold Medalist), DNB, MNAMS, Stecker Fellow, OSU, USA.]

Fig 1: Dr. Arbinder Singal [MBBS (Gold Medalist), M.Ch. (AIIMS Gold Medalist), DNB, MNAMS, Stecker Fellow, OSU, USA.]

Relationship between Pillars of Diabetes Management and Behaviour Changes

The pillars of diabetes management include following a customised nutrition plan, engaging in regular exercises, prioritising sleep and stress management, enhancing self-awareness about diabetes and its complications, maintaining active monitoring by a team of doctors and coaches, and receiving continuous motivation and support.

However, all the pillars of diabetes management require successful behaviour changes. Digital therapeutics steps in at this juncture, helping members to carry out successful behaviour changes.

Fitterfly App: Personalised Guide for Metabolic Disorder Patients

Fitterfly offers a user-friendly app tailored to individuals managing metabolic disorders. Within the app, the Fitterfly metabolic health platform is staffed by a dedicated team of nutritionists, physiotherapists, and psychologists. They actively oversee members’ progress and deliver personalised interventions that drive impactful behaviour changes, resulting in favourable therapeutic results.

Notably, Fitterfly utilises CGM sensors to monitor personalised glycemic responses, sharing this data with patients to enhance their commitment to behavioural adjustments.

Furthermore, Fitterfly has integrated a specialised design portal to create these behaviour-change therapies. Drawing on insights from the behaviours of current members, Fitterfly refines its programs to attain optimal health outcomes.

Functioning of Fitterfly DTx Programs

Fitterfly presents a range of Diabetes Care and Weight Loss Programs, with its flagship offering being the CGM-based Diabetes Prime Program. In this program, Fitterfly’s dedicated coaches meticulously gather comprehensive member information, encompassing prescriptions, lab results, dietary preferences, and family medical history.

This data then serves as the foundation for constructing a comprehensive member profile, considering aspects such as diabetes history, current medication regimens, dietary behaviours, exercise routines, sleep patterns, and stress factors.

During the initial week of the program, Fitterfly’s coaches actively analyse members’ CGM data. Subsequently, they tailor personalised nutrition plans, recommend suitable exercise routines, and provide strategies for managing stress and sleep. As the program progresses into the second week, coaches reevaluate the CGM data and propose necessary adjustments.

If there is a requirement for medication changes, coaches direct members to consult their healthcare providers. It’s essential to emphasise that Fitterfly does not offer medical consultations to its members.

Transforming Over 25000 Lives through Fitterfly DTx Programs

Fitterfly has successfully enrolled and transformed more than 25000 members’ lives until now. It delivers evidence-based therapeutic interventions and customised solutions for members who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes and are attempting diabetes remission by using the Fitterfly DTx Program as the first line of therapy.

A significant percentage of members also come with high HbA1c levels aiming to reduce it sustainably or are unable to attain glycaemic control despite intaking multiple oral hypoglycemic agents (OHAs). Notably, 60% of members are below 45 years of age and show a high level of compliance in using the DTx app.

Clinical Evidence and Global Acclamations of Fitterfly Programs

Fitterfly recently conducted a Real-world Effectiveness Evaluation for diabetes management using its diabetes CGM digital therapeutics (DTx) program (published in JMIR Diabetes 2023;8:e43292). This 90-day study involved 109 participants, and the key findings revealed:

  • A 1.2% decrease in HbA1C levels among 85% of the participants.
  • An average reduction of 2.6% in HbA1C levels for those with initial HbA1c levels >9%.
  • A significant correlation between high engagement with the Fitterfly wellness app and weight reduction in participants.
  • Time in Range (TIR) improved by 7.1% from a baseline value of 57.5% to 64.6%.
  • Time above Range (TAR) was reduced by 8.7% from a baseline value of 36.7% to 28.1%. 

Fig 2 Changes in CGM Metrics among participants of the Fitterfly Diabetes CGM Digital Therapeutics Program

Fig 2: Changes in CGM Metrics among participants of the Fitterfly Diabetes CGM Digital Therapeutics Program for Glycemic Control and Weight Management in People With T2DM: Real-world Effectiveness Evaluation

Another Fitterfly study with 102 candidates recently diagnosed with T2DM (diabetes duration <1 year) also showed that scientifically-proven Fitterfly DTx Programs helped in achieving significant improvement in glycemic control and Effective Weight Management (Endocrine Abstracts (2023) 90 P102). Following the completion of the 3-month Program:

  • 70.59% of members achieved recommended HbA1C levels (≤ 6.5 %)
  • Members with >10.6% HbA1C achieved a median reduction of 5.5%
  • Members also achieved significant weight and BMI reduction.

There is also a Fitterfly study suggesting that reduction in diabetes distress and improvement in sleep quality helped attain better glycaemic control among 175 participants (74 females and 101 males with mean age of 50 years). Within 90 days of enrolling in the Fitterfly Diabetes program, candidates witnessed:

  • Significant median reduction was seen in the DDS score by 0.50 from a baseline score of 1.90, showing a reduction in diabetes-related distress
  • PSQI score significantly reduced by 3.00 from a baseline score of 5.00, showing an improvement in sleep quality.
  • Reduction in diabetes distress showed an association with improvement in glycemic control 

The above were some important factors that came up during our latest discussion on Technology-led Behaviour Changes for Metabolic Disorders. You can watch the complete discussion in the video below.

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