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13 Kitchen Hacks for Weight Loss and Better Blood Sugar Control

June 2022

They say that the secret to a flat belly, smaller waistline (and also better blood sugar) lies in the kitchen. But it is not always about what you put on your plate that keeps the calories and blood sugars in check. How you cook and the energy you exude while in the kitchen also plays a pivotal role in making healthy meals—wondering how to do that? We bring you some kitchen hacks that will ensure that you keep your weight in check while adding flavours to your curry. 

Here goes the list: 

1. Keep the kitchen counter clean:

Apart from the ingredients that you need, your chopping board, veggies and pans or kitchen tools you need, there shouldn’t be anything else on the counter. So, no biscuits, snacks or sweets stacked on the counter. This will limit binge eating in the kitchen. Don’t tell me you didn’t eat namkeens and mindlessly ate Kaju katlis while waiting for your curry to cook to the right consistency. Most of us are guilty of binge eating in the kitchen while cooking. And where do those extra calories settle? Now you get it. Why can you not fit into your old denim? 

2. Have some steamed veggies or sprouts in your fridge:

If you have a habit of snacking while cooking, keep some steamed veggies or sprouts in the fridge. You can quickly microwave them and add some natural seasoning and gobble it. Another good option is to munch on fruits while you are cooking. 

3. Stop adding extra oil to your curries and gravies:

This has to stop, even if your curries get dry while cooking. Sprinkle water instead. You might cross your daily recommended oil intake if you try to add more oil to your food while cooking. For the same reason, stop adding additional tadka to your khichdi. Also, be cautious while adding ghee to your cooked curries. 

4. Organise your spice bottles strategically:

One of the many ways to limit excessive salt and sugar intake is to avoid artificial flavourings. One way to do this is to keep them out of bounds while cooking and ensure you use them occasionally. Tip: store these artificial flavouring – Magic masalas, dry tomato or onion powders (they are high in salt content) and sauces in the back of your fridge or cabinet, so you use them less. Make sure you have natural flavours like dried roots, herbs, and dried leaves for flavouring placed in front of the cabinet, so it is easy to reach for and use. The benefits of these are immense. 

5. Keep your kitchen stacked with the top 5 protein sources:

You can stack up your kitchen with – eggs, paneer, tofu, pulses, and sprouts. This will ensure that you are not missing out on adding reasonable amounts of proteins to your meals.

6. Stack up with top 5 carbohydrate sources in the kitchen:

Play your A-game when it comes to carbs. Make sure there are enough options of complex carbs available in your kitchen – rolled oats, millets, jowar/bajra/ragi, brown rice, quinoa, daliya, Makki ka atta, besan ka atta, etc.   

7. Redo your kitchen decor:

Wondering how this will help weight loss and blood sugar control? Working on your kitchen decor will infuse positive energy and keep you upbeat to cook healthy for yourself and your family. Looking for ideas on how to do it? Hunt for fridge magnets that tell your story. Have pictures of healthy foods put up on the walls. Put some stick-ons with healthy recipes on your fridge or cabinet doors to stay on track with healthy eating. You can also try and keep some potted plants on the counter or the windowsills for positivity.   

8. If possible, cook only for that meal or that day:

Unless you are batch cooking for the entire week, we suggest you cook just the amount that you and your family can finish in a day. Leftovers mean overeating which means more calories. 

9. Listen to some soothing music:

Yes, music helps cook healthy too. It calms your mind and helps you to focus on health too. Try listening to lofi music (Google about this type of music if you want) while cooking; it helps calm your senses like no other. 

10. Use more fresh produce:

Canned fruits and vegetables, frozen and cut veggies usually lack antioxidants like fresh produce. Try to limit their use whenever possible. Stock up your fridge with fresh veggies and fruits and keep refilling them. Keep a day for stocking up, like a Monday or Wednesday. Avoid going to supermarkets on weekends if you get too tempted to fall for the offers on unhealthy food items. 

11. Plan to do the tedious work first:

The boring work in the kitchen is usually the one that will ensure good health, and we despise it. For instance, in my case, it is chopping the veggies. When running out of time, I usually try to opt for pre-cooked meals (read unhealthy meals). So, I decided to do the most tedious work first. I get on with it as soon as I enter the kitchen when my energy levels are still high.  

12. Try changing your cooking methods to stay healthy:

Indian cooking is usually unhealthy (sorry to burst your bubble). Try changing to steaming, boiling, or roasting to eat healthily and lose some lard. If you still want to follow Indian cooking, try keeping the lid on the pan while cooking to keep the nutrients intact. 

13. Fill your plate with proteins first:

Once your cooking is done, make sure that you are eating your food the right way. The Indian food platter is usually high in carbohydrates and less in proteins. So make sure while serving food, you ensure to put the proteins first. Your ¼ the plate should be full of protein, and then add the rest. 

These are some of the tried and tested kitchen hacks shared by experts and other people who were able to eat healthily and lose some kilos for good after following them. But we know weight loss is a difficult journey, and a lot of attention is needed to do it right – your genetics, your BMI, your lifestyle, your beliefs and more. At Fitterfly, we have designed a scientific weight loss program, Reset23, that helps to lose weight and attain a healthy BMI of 23 (ideal for Indians). Apart from diet and exercise plans, the program focuses on mental well-being and proper counseling. A happy mind will always house a happy body. 

To know more about our program, visit https://www.fitterfly.com/reset23 or give us a call on 022 48971077 (Ext -2)


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