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Easy Protein Hacks To Prevent a Spike in Your Blood Sugar Levels

Published on: May 13, 2023
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Easy Protein Hacks
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Diabetes is a condition that makes it difficult to control blood sugar levels, and a lot of it has to do with one’s diet and lifestyle. A lot of emphasis is laid on eating a balanced diet to stay healthy. However, your diet plan, if you have diabetes, maybe a tad bit different based on your blood sugar levels and how you respond to different foods.

One component that is helpful in controlling blood sugar levels is protein. Proteins are beneficial for people with diabetes for the following reasons:

  • They slow down digestion
  • Since they take longer to break down, they keep you feeling full for longer, reducing your overall caloric intake
  • Delay absorption of carbohydrates into the blood

For this reason, eating protein before carbohydrates is highly recommended during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4 Protein-Rich Food Groups

Here are 4 protein-rich food groups that you must include in your diet to manage your blood sugar levels:

1) Lentils (dals)

Dals are a vital part of Indian households, and a meal is incomplete without the comfort and warmth they provide. All dals are a rich source of protein, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Commonly eaten dals include tur, masoor, and moong dals.

2) Meat

If you enjoy non-vegetarian food, chicken, fish, eggs and meat are the best source of protein for you. Besides their high satiety value (keep you feeling full for longer), they make up a significant amount of your meal, reducing your dependence on carbohydrates to feel satisfied. This helps in better management of blood sugar levels.

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3) Dairy

Dairy items like milk, curd, and paneer are regularly consumed in India and are also rich sources of proteins and calcium

4) Whole pulses (sprouts)

A bowl of freshly-sprouted pulses like moong, matki, chana, rajma or chawli make for a great snack or sabzi when combined with spices. These are excellent sources of protein and fibre, both of which are good for people with diabetes.

Protein Hacks to Prevent a Spike in Blood Sugar Levels

Now that you have your protein basics covered for blood sugar management, here are a few hacks and tips that will help you prevent a spike in your blood glucose levels:

1) Breakfast

Eat a protein before a carbohydrate-rich breakfast like upma, dosa, idli, cereals, etc. Add a boiled egg, an omelette, or a simple bowl of sprouts to help prevent a blood sugar spike as you begin your day.

2) Lunch & Dinner

Protein-rich lunch and dinner options like a slice of fish with some homemade gravy and salad or just a portion of chicken are meat-only lunch options with little or no carbohydrates (for people who are not on insulin or blood sugar-lowering medication). These lunch options keep you feeling full for longer and keep your blood sugar levels under check.

Most people who carry home-cooked food for lunch to work prefer to take rotis with a sabzi and sometimes a salad. It may be a good idea to carry a bowl of dal, sprouts, egg (boiled/bhurji) or curd with it. These protein-rich foods will help you manage your blood sugar levels better.

3) Snacks

Snack times can be tricky as you are hungry and craving something tasty. Keep a handful of nuts and seeds ready for these times. Though nuts and seeds are poor protein sources, they are rich sources of fat and fibre, which help in effective blood sugar management. Other snack options like a boiled egg, an omelette, a simple egg or paneer bhurji.

4) Protein drinks

In a hurry to get to work every morning? Try a homemade, low-cost traditional protein drink made from chana- the chane ka sattu! Not only does this drink keep you feeling full, it is high in protein which helps in effective blood sugar control. This is also a great alternative to carbohydrate-rich cereals.

5) Protein for Weight Loss

Consuming the right quantity of protein can also help you in weight loss or maintaining the ideal weight while managing diabetes and blood sugar. Here are some protein-rich foods that can be beneficial in aiding weight loss.


Proteins are the building blocks and play several roles in the body. For people with diabetes, proteins are a friendly and safe group of foods that can help them manage their blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarian, there are several easily-available and affordable protein-rich foods that you can choose from.

If you need assistance in determining the right diet plan for you to manage diabetes or tackle weight issues, our Fitterfly Nutrition coaches can help create a customised plan based on your preferences, lifestyle and blood sugar levels.

Not just that, our Physiotherapy Coach and Psychology Coach (success Coach) will also hand hold you with a personalized exercise plan and suggest the most effective ways to improve your sleep and reduce stress.

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This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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No more stress while managing diabetes

Don’t struggle alone & get the expert care you deserve

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