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Digital Therapeutics Helps Doctors Improve Patient Compliance and Outcomes

December 2021

Over the last few years, data suggest that patients with diabetes are poorly compliant to their prescribed treatments. Recent studies show that : 

  • 67% of patients did not adhere to diabetic medications prescribed by their doctors, and 80%  had poor plasma glucose control. 
  • 38%  of patients did not complete their recommended exercises. 
  • 66% of patients did not  follow suggested dietary controls 
  • Only 10 % of patients received education about self-management, while 20-30%  were unaware of developments in the treatment of Diabetes.

Founded in 2016, Fitterfly is on a mission to improve these numbers! 

We have created a perfect blend of technology and personalized treatments using our Digital Therapeutics (Dtx) platform  to reverse , manage and prevent health conditions like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

We designed our solutions to complement the treatment you extend to your patients as physicians. 

We believe that with the right guidance, your patients can be empowered to: 

  1. Make informed lifestyle choices 
  2. Improve their health from the comfort of their own homes. 

Lifestyle changes are great … if your patients stick to your advice

When we follow the patient’s journey, we realize that once they leave the clinic and go back to their daily routines, they have a perfect prescription written on paper, but no plan or motivation to carry it out! 

As health providers, we need to address this missing link. WHY are patients finding it difficult to follow instructions or control their impulses when it negatively affects their health?

 The Missing Links in Patient Compliance

Managing Diabetes is like a marathon, not a sprint. And just like a long-distance runner, patients need a good support system to make it to the finish line. Moreover, our experiences in clinical practice show that lifestyle modification is NOT just about diet and exercise!

Here are the hard truths. 

1.They are overloaded with too much information 

  1. They are not clear about WHY they need to stay compliant, so they are NOT motivated to do so. 
  2. Life gets in the way! They may have other priorities that come up, and stressful situations that add to their burden 

An intensive lifestyle change program won’t work if it’s just “ordered” by doctors or if patients are expected to engage with it based on fear or shame. For a program to be effective, we need to provide sustainable solutions that extend support beyond clinic walls.

Studies show that emotional health and social support play a huge role in a patient’s health outcomes, while they attempt lifestyle changes. 

And that’s where Diabefly comes in!

With the right combination of medical insight and technology, the Diabefly program fills the gap between clinic visits and consultations by partnering with patients to make long-lasting and personalised lifestyle changes. We help to keep patients on the right track, as they work towards their ideal glucose levels or weight goal.

The program offers the best of digital therapeutics … but with a human touch!

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