10 Ways to Have a Positive Body Image While Dealing With PCOS

July 2021

Dealing with period problems is tough and most of us know whether or not we have been diagnosed with a condition like PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Now, add this diagnosis to the existing period problems – unbearable pain, irregular cycle, missed periods – this is disaster amplified. People living with PCOS know what I mean.

It isn’t just a period problem that they have to deal with, but a host of other physiological and psychological problems that keep them on the hook. Largely, PCOS affects a woman’s fertility (as the ovaries may develop fluid-filled follicles that affect ovulation) and interferes with pregnancy planning.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that is characterized by high levels of male sex hormones in the body. Apart from causing period problems (as mentioned above) it can also lead to – acne, hirsutism, obesity, excessive hair loss or male pattern baldness. In some women, living with PCOS for prolonged periods can also trigger certain health conditions like – Type II diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cholesterol issues later in life.

Another aspect of this condition that we don’t speak out about is the psychological effect. Acne, facial hair, obesity, hair loss – all make a dent in one’s happiness quotient. There are studies that suggest women with PCOS have BID (body image distress) that can lead to anxiety and depression. This is the bitter truth. We know way too many stories of young women who have suffered in silence with BID due to acne, obesity, hair fall. Body image issues take up a lot of mental space and disrupt the peace of your mind. Remember, every woman’s body is different and comes with its own terms and conditions. All it needs is love, affection, and attention and it all starts with – YOU.

Stop Being Sorry, Start Healing With Love

If you have been dealing with body image issues all alone, we understand it would have been tough for you to fight this battle over the years. If you still find it difficult to deal with or love yourself back, we would like to remind you about the following:

  1. Take care of yourself: Don’t fret about how you look. Instead, focus on helping yourself heal. Do the basics – take your medications on time, eat right, exercise regularly, go for your check-ups, join a support group – all this will help you to return all the love and care to the person who deserves it the most -YOU.
  2. You have to accept certain bitter facts about your body and life: Nobody has it all sorted – perfect life and body. Not even the person you’re secretly envious of. It is futile to keep questioning – ‘why me’ or blame it all on the hormones – instead, take things in your stride. Accept yourself and work on getting better from here. Start NOW.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others: If your friend, cousin or peer doesn’t have PCOS, it isn’t her fault. Just as living with this condition isn’t your fault. Stop those unnecessary comparisons that steal your peace of mind.
  4. Develop skills that help you get ahead: The web is full of opportunities. Try exploring courses or investing time as a volunteer for causes that give you some peace of mind. Do things that make your time in this world worthwhile. Get ahead of your self-doubt and set your benchmark higher than you perceive. Acne and obesity aren’t the only parameters to measure your life’s worth.
  5. Draw inspiration from women who dare: Your Instagram feed might be filled with women who have the perfect body. But, maybe you could explore a little further — and you will find women who are praised for being themselves – mothers with postpartum bodies, big girls doing the toughest yoga asanas, and women showcasing cancer scars. And the world loves their honesty! Do you need more inspiration?
  6. Get enrolled for therapy: Don’t shy away from this. Self-love should come naturally but if you are having trouble, seek help from a therapist. Your relationship with yourself should be your priority. If you have that lost connection with your soul, get professional help to rekindle that joy.
  7. Practice affirmations by looking at yourself in the mirror: Your therapist can help you with this. Write things you believe in about yourself and recite them in front of your mirror, looking straight into your eyes.
  8. Love yourself with the scars and love handles: Your body will always be a work in progress. Believe it or not, that is the case with all of us. Love yourself with all the flaws you think you have and work towards becoming a better version of yourself.
  9. Relationships are not about looks: We know, it is easier said than done. But believe us when we say, relationships are beyond the physical realm. Don’t stop yourself from giving relationships or friendships a chance only because you’re self-conscious about your looks. A trusted camaraderie is built solely on trust and communication. So, don’t hold yourself back.
  10. Journal your feelings: Try this. Trust us; it helps.

Sometimes, it’s just doing these little things that can go a long way in inducing positivity and instilling a healthy body image perception.

From team Fitterfly, we would like to tell you – Don’t let the hormones win over you. There is beauty in winning over the odds and reaching out to the person you are within flaws apart, don’t forget to connect with yourself, and give yourself a pat on the back for holding yourself together with grace.

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