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In Your 20s? Time to Start Preventing Diabetes

November 2020

As per the latest data from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), diabetes is seen one in every four people under the age of 25 in India. The rising trend of diabetes in youth is due to the hereditary factors, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and unhealthy dietary habits.

Type 2 diabetes striking the young—much harder!

Youth-onset type 2 diabetes (T2D) is becoming very common these days. Here are some disturbing facts that highlight why it should not be ignored:

  1. Indian research has shown that T2D is more damaging in the young compared to older adults.
  2. The people under the age of 25 with T2D are at greater risk of life-threatening complications like kidney failure, heart disease compared to people with insulin-dependent diabetes.
  3. The risk of diabetes-related complications is 2-3 times higher in young people with type 2 diabetes than type 1 diabetes.
  4. T2D, which was an ‘adult-onset’ disease in the past, is now well documented in children and adolescents, in parallel with the rising trends of obesity in pediatric patients.

The dire need to manage diabetes among youth | Where lies the solution?

There is irreparable damage caused by youth-onset diabetes. It includes:

  1. For kids and adolescents, it can impact their day-to-day life, including, their independence, self-esteem, employment, sleep, delay their mental and physical growth and much more.
  2. For young people, it would mean a loss of productivity hampering their career growth.

And for a developing economy like India, if this lifestyle-related disorder negatively impacts 25% of the youth, immediate action is required.

With the help of the latest health technologies, youth-onset diabetes can be managed, prevented and even reversed—not only for one but for many!

Since diabetes is caused mainly due to ‘unhealthy lifestyle’ so by making a few positive lifestyle choices things can change in your favour, these include— reducing high-fat high-calorie foods, increasing physical activity, adequate sleep and other lifestyle modifications under expert guidance.

Although, all doctors recommend lifestyle intervention in managing youth-onset diabetes, adhering to this therapy is a major challenge in itself. It is even more difficult to achieve among children and adolescents.

To overcome this hurdle, Team Fitterfly has launched Diabefly Pro – a personalised diabetes management program that is curated to meet your health goals. Diabefly Pro is a technology-centred solution to end the woes related to diabetes and its complications. It is a step to bridge the gap in care that exists between your doctor’s clinic and the care at your home.

Healthy youth builds a healthy future. Allow your Diabefly Coach to hand-hold you in fighting this growing epidemic.

Click here to sign up for Diabefly Pro today or call us at 022 4897 1077.

About Diabefly Pro

Diabefly Pro is a 3-month customised digital care program that harnesses the power of Ambulatory Glucose Monitoring (AGM) device. It is a prick-free solution to track and record the blood sugar readings painlessly. With the help of a Diabefly Coach, you can understand the exact causes of your blood sugar fluctuations. Accordingly, you will get a diabetes diet plan, diabetes exercise plans, sleep and stress management tips and much more that is unique for you!

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