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Published on: May 02, 2018
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The Majestic Mango – Health Benefits of Mango for Your Child This Summer

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Summer season approaches, bringing one of the loveliest fruit in our lives. In fact, this season is being anxiously awaited for consuming the King of the fruits – Mango. It is one of the yummiest fruits around, perfect for these scorching summers.

Mangoes belong to the genus Mangifera (Mangifera indica) in the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae. One can find many varieties of mango fruit which vary in size, shape, flavor and texture. The finest thing about this fruit is that it is consumed in the ripe form as well as unripe. Do check out our upcoming blog on raw mango to know more about the variety.

The moment we bite in a ripe mango, we tend to get engrossed in its rich flavor, paying no attention to the numerous health benefits that this fruit offers. Mangoes have been included in the category of ‘super fruits’ because of the incredible combination of amazing taste and health benefits. Irrespective of the type of mango you devour, you can be sure enough of adding abundant nutrients to your child’s diet..

Fitterfly team of child nutritionists lists the health benefits of Mango especially for our readers:

  • Healthy Eyes: Kids do require extra care and nutrition for their eyes since they are in the growing stage. Vitamin A is required for proper and quick development of eyesight.
    Being abundant in Vitamin A, mango serves as an excellent choice of fruit for children to prevent all the common eye problems and diseases.
  • Immune Proof: Mangoes contribute to formation of healthy epithelium, thereby preventing any bacterial infection. Vitamin A in mangoes does this magic of maintaining healthy mucus membrane and avoids frequent attacks of common infections such as cold, rhinitis and sinusitis. A generous amount of vitamin A actually makes this fruit a good immunity booster!!!
  • Source of Anti-oxidant: Most people don’t get enough beta carotene in their diet and mangoes provide a tasty way to do that. So grab all the possible antioxidants from this amazing fruit!!
  • Good for Digestion: Mango, being a rich source of dietary fiber promotes intestinal regularity and improves digestive health. The fiber present in mangoes ensures proper bowel movement and helps to keep the digestive tract clean. Mango also contains several bio-active compounds which work for the wellness of the intestinal tract.

Due to the heavenly taste, mangoes are preferred to be eaten by kids as a fruit itself.  The fruit pulp can also be mixed with your child’s milk and served…which should work as a delicious option of convincing your child to have milk! This sumptuous fruit can also be included in cakes, candies and ice-cream.

A variety of mango products like jellies, jams, squashes, yoghurt are also available in the market which could be consumed apart from the whole fruit, however we recommend you to make the most by eating this whole fruit in the season or including it in a variety of home-cooked recipes.

Here, we have tried to list down variety of options or kid friendly alternatives in which mangoes can be added in hot and sweet dishes, snacks and beverages for your children:

Option 1: Add mango pulp to a mixture of flour and other spices and make yummy theplas or paranthas.

Option 2: Sweet and Spicy Mango pakodas can also be made by coating the fruit pieces with flour mixed with spices.

Option 3: Tacos can be topped with a mango fruit salsa.

Option 4: Mix with other fruits to make tasty fruit salads or smoothies or add cream, ice cream and fresh fruit to make delicious mango cream.

Option 5: This fruit can also be used for flavoring iced tea or lemonades or made into mango popsicles (kids would love them!)

Option 6: Mango custard is also something which the kids would get crazy for. Top it up with some nuts to make it more nutritious.

This summer season – Be all set to welcome the king of fruits in our child’s diet keeping in mind the enormous benefits and ways of consuming them.And do remember the next time you bite onto a tasty mango…What a wonderful health blessing it offers!!!!

- By Fitterfly Health-Team