Optimize Your Diet For Diabetes and Weight Loss With Murmura

murmura for diabetes
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When you or a loved one has diabetes, it is important to find out how eating a certain type of food can affect your blood sugar levels. The idea is to always try to make sure that the foods that you eat will help to keep your blood sugar levels well within the recommended healthy and safe levels.

Murmura is a very common food item that is widely used in different parts of India. If you are wondering whether it is okay for people with diabetes to have murmura, or if you can have murmura for weight loss, then this article can help to answer a lot of queries you may have about murmura and its effect on diabetes as well as on weight loss.

In this article, we will take a look at the nutritional value and glycaemic score of murmura, understand the amount of murmura that is safe to eat in diabetes, find out if it has too many calories to affect your weight loss journey, understand if it can make for an overall healthy snack and check out some delicious and healthy recipes that you can easily make at home. So read on.

Is murmura good for weight loss?

Murmura is prepared from rice and is a puffed form of rice. Depending on which part of the country you are in, it is also known as mamra or kurmura or muri. It is a very common type of cereal that is used in a variety of snack items.

Let’s check what is the best way to eat murmura when you are trying to lose weight. When you are trying to lose weight, the idea is that you have to consume lesser calories than the amount of calories that you will burn.  

Is puffed rice (murmura) good for diabetes?

Murmura for diabetes can be a safe option to eat if you have diabetes, but only when you eat it in moderation, the right cooking method and the right combination after speaking to your diabetes health care team and your diabetes dietician.

If you are enrolled into the Fitterfly Diabetes Care or Fitterfly Weight loss program you can check with your nutritionist for the same. 

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Murmura has a glycaemic GI chart rating of about 90, which means that it rates very high on the GI score and can cause a sudden and sharp rise in your blood glucose levels. It also has the same level of calories and carbohydrates as any other grains. 

  • Depending on your overall blood glucose levels and your overall diabetes health, your nutritionist will advise you how much murmura you can safely have. 
  • Also, make sure that you check your blood glucose levels two hours after you have murmura, so that you can understand how it is impacting your blood glucose levels and can update your doctor accordingly. Or you can use a CGM which is provided to you in the Fitterfly Diabetes CGM program, it takes real time blood glucose readings to map your PGR. And will help you and your nutrionists understand which foods are best for you when you are on a journey to manage your diabetes or weight loss. You can also use the Fitterfly Metabolic Health App to track the calories, micronutrient, and macronutrient breakdown of the meals you consume, including murmura. 
  • If you notice a sharp increase, please do not eat murmura again before you consult your diabetes health care team.

What are the benefits of eating murmura?

Murmura has a high glycemic index and like all other grains it is high in carbs. Therefore, it is not particularly beneficial. However, if you miss snacks or chats then you can have about 2-4 tablespoons of murmura with lots of channa, sprouts, chillies, onions, tomatoes, and coriander with a few squeezes of lemon and chat masala as a snack. 

Murmura glycemic index

Murmura has a glycaemic index score or GI chart rating of about 90, which puts it on the high scale on the GI chart. 

Nutritional Value of Murmura

About a 100 gram serving of murmura will have:

  • Total fat – up to 1.62 grams
  • Protein – up to 7.47 grams
  • Carbohydrate – up to 77.68 grams
  • Dietary fibre – up to 5.12 gram
  • Calories – up to 358 cal

Ways to eat Murmura for diabetes and weight loss

When you are planning to eat murmura for diabetes and weight loss, here are some delicious and easy to prepare recipes that you can try out:

1. Spicy crunchy murmura snack

You will need

  • Murmura 
  • Any unrefined cold pressed seed oil of choice 
  • A mix of different dals such as chana dal, urad dal, yellow moong dal and toor or arhar daal
  • Moongfalis or peanuts 
  • Raai seeds or mustard seeds
  • Some curry patta or curry leaves
  • Dry red chilli – optional
  • Chopped green chillies – optional 
  • Haldi powder or turmeric powder 
  • Laal mirchi powder or red chilli powder 
  • Salt as per taste 
  • A dash of heeng or asafoetida 

How to

  • Take a pan and keep it on low flame.
  • Now add the oil and let it start to heat on low flame.
  • Add the moongfalis and the daals and roast them slightly.
  • Now add the raai seeds, heeng, dry red chilli and curry patta. Stir them on low flame so that they do not burn.
  • Keep the flame low and add the haldi powder and the laal mirch powder and stir well.
  • Add the murmura and mix everything properly so that all the murmura gets coated with the masalas.
  • Now turn off the heat and add the salt and mix everything again.
  • Remove from heat, add the bhujia or sev and mix again before serving.

2. Jhaal muri

You will need

  • Murmura 
  • Chopped green chillies
  • Boiled potatoes or boiled sweet potatoes chopped into small cubes
  • Some low salt namkeen
  • Salt as per taste
  • A dash of mustard oil or sarson ka tel
  • Moongfali or peanuts – optional 
  • Chopped onions
  • Chopped kheera or chopped cucumber 

How to make

  • In a big deep bowl, add all the ingredients and mix together for an instant delicious chatpata snack that is perfect for weight loss too.

Can we eat murmura for weight loss?

You can eat most foods when you are trying to lose weight as long as you practice portion control, and eat it in the right combination as we mentioned in the paragraph above.  But if you want to know if murumura is the best foods for you for weight loss, it is best to consult your nutritionist. 

How much calories in murmura?

About a 100 gram serving of murmura will have about 358 cal calories. 

While murmura can be a great food choice when you are trying to lose weight, please remember that it has a very high GI score. So, before you start eating murmura, it is important that you first speak to your diabetes healthcare team and understand about your overall diabetes health, your blood glucose levels and understand how eating murmura can have an impact on your blood sugar. 


Diet is one of the most important aspects of diabetes and weight management and it is also one which is most difficult to nail, due to all the misconceptions and misinformation out there.

Armed with a team of the industry’s best experts Fitterly is here to help you make the right choices for your blood sugar levels.

Also, remember that managing diabetes and weight extends beyond diet into a consistent and committed effort for making lifestyle changes related to exercise, stress management, and sleep management. If you or a loved one is struggling to manage diabetes. Reach out to our program advisors here.

- By Fitterfly Health-Team
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