Published on: Jul 26, 2022

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7 Monsoon Diet Tips To Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Monsoon vegetable platter for weight loss
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What is the one thing that instantly comes to mind when you say monsoon? Did you also think of a delicious cup of chai and pakoras? Unfortunately, it turns out that they aren’t very friendly to your health. 

However, with these practical and sustainable tips, you can actually keep your taste buds happy along with keeping yourself healthy.

7 Monsoon Diet Tips to Lose Weight

These diet tips are great to follow during the monsoon months, especially as not only will they help you lose weight and burn fat, but also help boost your immunity as the rain can cause seasonal infections.

And of course, you can follow these tips during the rest of the year too!

1. Go for seasonal fruits

  • Adding fruits to your daily diet is a great way to include a host of nutrients in your body as well as boost your immunity levels, especially during the monsoon months.
  • Fruits such as apples, cherries, and peaches are rich in fiber and phytonutrient content. As a result, these are quite helpful in managing or reducing weight.
  • These fruits are also loaded with antioxidant properties, which is especially good to consume during monsoon.
  • These seasonal fruits are also a good source of vitamins such as vitamins A and C.
  • As their calorie content is low, you can replace your regular snacking options with one whole fruit during monsoon, without worrying about unhealthy snacking.
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2. Stay hydrated even when the weather isn’t hot

  • Monsoon months can be quite cool, and often, we forget to drink enough water, especially as the weather is not hot.
  • Lack of fluids can often result in dehydration, as well as bloating in the stomach.
  • Drinking water helps in burning calories by boosting your metabolism and burning fat.
  • A good way to increase your water or fluid intake during the monsoon months is to track your water intake with the Fitterfly Wellness App

Add your favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables with high water content, or make fresh vegetable soups to feel warm and satiated.

3. Warm yourself with some soul food

  • Instead of reaching out to fried or high calorie snacks and sides, include wholesome soups, rasams into your diet 
  • You can roast your favorite veggies in a pressure cooker, spice them with your favorite flavors and blend into a nourishing soup 
  • Or you can make rasam with garlic, ginger, and pepper as a star ingredient 
  • And substitute your favorite chai with some green tea to reduce calorie intake

4. A dash of ginger goes a long way

  • Ginger adds warmth to your foods and drinks with its soothing properties and is especially good for the throat, during the cool months of monsoon, when people are more prone to getting sore throats, colds, and coughs.
  • In addition, ginger has various antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that also make it helpful in managing and controlling weight. 
  • Including ginger in your regular diet will reduce the feeling of bloating, indigestion, and acidity. It can also be a boon in your weight loss journey.

5. Simple foods work best

  • Our metabolism tends to slow down during the monsoon months, which can make it a little difficult to lose weight and burn fat.
  • Adding different types of legumes, lentils, and fresh vegetables to your daily diet can help with your metabolism, as these are usually easier to digest as compared to meats or other fatty foods, and can boost your gut health.
  • Also, try and use oils such as olive oil or canola seed oil, as these are easier to digest and will help boost your metabolism, thereby working better in your weight loss journey.

6. Snack minimally and smartly

  • Everyone loves snacking in monsoon, and there is no reason that you have to give up on all the fun, even if you are on a weight loss mission.
  • Instead of snacking on fried and junk food, try and make your snack time healthier but definitely tasty.
  • Go for snacks such as toasted peanuts and mixed sprout salads with your choice of spices, and so on.
  • Peanuts contain fiber, healthy fats, and proteins, while sprouts are loaded with enzymes, fiber, and protein and are very low on calories. 
  • Not only will these snacks keep you satiated and let you enjoy the fun of monsoon snacking, but these are also good for maintaining your weight and burning fat.
  • The most important thing to remember is portion control, make sure to snack minimally while adding fiber and protein to most meals. 
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7. Indian spices to lose weight

  • Your quest for effective weight loss and burning fat may actually lie in your kitchen!
  • Various Indian spices are known to be beneficial in aiding weight loss as well as helping burn belly fat.
  • Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which make it great for boosting immunity, as well as helping in reducing weight and burning fat. 
  • It is also especially good for people with diabetes as it helps to stimulate insulin and makes the body use it more effectively.
  • Cinnamon also has natural hunger suppressant abilities, which will come in handy when you want to avoid those in-between snacking moments. 
  • Fennel seeds or saunf are rich in vitamins A, C, and D and have antioxidant properties that boost digestion and metabolism. 
  • Fenugreek or methi seeds also have natural hunger-suppressant qualities and will help you prevent binge snacking. 
  • Cardamom or elaichi can also help in burning fat faster and is a great boost to metabolism and weight loss. 

8. Jeera water

  • Of course you need to stay hydrated at all times, even during monsoon when the weather is cool.
  • A great way to ensure that you are hydrated and at the same time also working towards losing weight and burning fat is to have jeera water or cumin seed water.
  • You can soak half a teaspoon of jeera seeds in a glass of water and keep it overnight. Strain in the morning and have water on an empty stomach. You can also have the seeds if you wish. Add honey to the water if you wish to.

Monsoon months can be a little more difficult on the weight loss path, but adding these dietary tips and tricks to your daily routine can make your weight loss journey easier and make it more effective to burn fat.

In case you are on any medication or are suffering from any health conditions, please speak to your doctor to understand in case you need to follow any dietary restrictions.


While these diet tips are great to get a head start in your health journey, it is important to know that weight loss requires a more comprehensive approach. One that not only takes care of traditional factors such as diet and exercise but also stress, sleep hygiene, and pain management.

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