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How an Indian Petrochemical Company Saved BIG by Investing in Fitterfly’s Diabetes Care Program for its Employees

Published on: Oct 17, 2023
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Post-COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of employee wellness and employee health has magnified, especially within the corporate world. This heightened awareness comes as companies increasingly recognize the detrimental effects that the pandemic has shown on individuals’ mental and physical health. While a plethora of corporate wellness programs exist, many primarily prioritize engagement rather than tangible results. Contrarily, Fitterfly’s Diabetes Care program stands out, emphasizing a strong commitment to producing measurable outcomes.

Significant Results in Just 3 Months!

Here, we will share the story of a large Indian Petrochemical Company – how its proactive approach saw 53 of its employees enroll in Fitterfly’s Diabetes Program,. The results were nothing short of outstanding, which in a  nutshell, were as below:

In 3 months after the program, there was a notable reduction in these employees’ health. Some numbers to get a perspective:

Calorie intake reduced by 20% post the Program

When the program started, we observed that most of the participating members were eating at irregular times because of their work schedules. This led to unhealthy eating. Their meals didn’t have enough fiber or protein and included a lot of packaged snacks, fast food, and processed items. We also observed that they overate, especially during late dinners or when eating out. To top this, they weren’t very active which was leading to weight gain.

Based on these eating patterns, our Nutrition Coaches designed a plan perfect for their lifestyle.

By the end of the program, their calorie intake went down from 1600 kcal to 1307 kcal! 

Not just that, there was a significant improvement in their protein and fiber intake, too. 

A True Fitness Makeover: A 114% Increase in Musculoskeletal Fitness

Initially, 50% of participants had poor overall fitness scores. Our fitness coaches’ swung to action by guiding the participants with the right kind of exercises and techniques. And as they say, “If the body is fit, the mind too will be fit” – these interventions drastically improved their overall fitness levels. Have a look at how the fitness scores improved.

Initial video-based 5-parameter fitness assessment showed that 50% of participants had poor fitness scores, with almost 3/4th of them having very poor flexibility and lower body strength.

Happy Minds, Happy Lives: Boosting Quality of Life with Our Mental Wellness Magic!

When we started, participants faced mental health struggles like stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. But our Success Coaches, who are experienced Psychology and wellness Experts, stepped in with proven techniques to handle these issues, like deep breathing, box breathing, and better sleep tricks. 

Have a look at how the outcome was a remarkable upswing in mental health and overall well-being.  

A Win-Win Situation: For both Employees and the Employer 

Fitterfly’s program didn’t just improve health metrics for individuals who participated; it also made strong economic sense for the company. This is how:

  • Year 1: With a potential reduction in direct medical spending and an increase in workplace productivity, the program has delivered a remarkable ROI of 3x in the 1st year.
  • Sustained Benefits in Years 2 & 3: By maintaining the health improvements from the program, this company is expected to witness compounded benefits. The ROI is to surge up to 3.25x in the second year and 3.5x in the third year.

If you’d like to understand how much your company could save by investing in Digital Therapeutic programs by Fitterfly, do connect with us.

*All data obtained from Fitterfly primary research & insights from member outcomes

Real People, Real Words

Let’s see what some of their employees had to say about the Fitterfly Diabetes Program.

Why Should You Consider the Fitterfly Diabetes Prime Program for Your Employees?

The Fitterfly Diabetes Prime program has been designed to ensure favorable outcomes for individuals, regardless of the duration of their diabetes diagnosis. Some of the most notable benefits of this program include 

  • Decreased hospitalization and claims
  • Increased energy & productivity
  • Savings in medical expenses
  • Reduction in Diabetes-related complications in the future
  • Improved quality of Life
  • Legacy Effect: One year of normal HbA1c yields metabolic benefits that last for a decade.

By enrolling your employees in Fitterfly’s outcome-oriented program, employers stand to benefit significantly. Not only does it prevent insurance premiums from skyrocketing due to health issues, but it also leads to a reduction in insurance claims.

  • Healthcare Savings: Significant reduction in healthcare costs through effective diabetes management.
  • Productivity Boost: Potential year-over-year productivity growth of up to 50%.
  • Return on Investment: Organizations can expect an ROI of 3x to 3.5x within three years.
  • Healthy Workforce: which itself can turn around your company’s growth positively.

Act now and ensure your employees benefit from Fitterfly’s scientifically proven Diabetes Care Program. You can get in touch with us to know how you can enroll your employees with us for a great future.


This blog provides general information for educational and informational purposes only and shouldn't be seen as professional advice.

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