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How to Get Real, Long-term Freedom From Diabetes?

January 2022

Anyone living with diabetes or been diagnosed with the condition recently might have one question in their mind – ‘How to get real, long-term freedom from diabetes?’ 

Often people who have been living with diabetes for some time might have tried many ways – fad diets, therapies. Though the results might seem quite impressive with these unconventional methods, most of these therapies, diet plans, and other ways fail to give any long-term relief. Read here to know why fad diets don’t work for long-term relief in diabetes. 

In this article you will read about:

But managing diabetes might not be difficult if you put your mind to it. Remember, diabetes is a metabolic condition and needs a scientific approach to get your blood sugars in control. 

While it is true that a cure in the real sense of the word, is a distant dream for diabetes, getting long-term freedom can be achieved through diabetes remission. Diabetes remission is also called diabetes remission – a state in which one can control the blood sugar levels naturally without any medication. 

But first, let’s clear the air – complete diabetes remission is not for everyone. 

Don’t get disheartened after reading this. Let’s get to the science behind diabetes remission. It is defined clinically as a state of average blood glucose with HbA1c of less than 6.5% without medications for at least three months. You have to do it scientifically – planned nutrition, weight loss, and lifestyle modifications by training your brain and mindset to live healthily. 

Complete diabetes remission is possible for people – 

  1. With Type 2 diabetes for less than 10 years.
  2. Who are overweight with a BMI of over 25
  3. On 1-2 medications when compared to multiple medications.
  4. Who are highly motivated for remission as it requires a multidisciplinary approach?

How can one achieve diabetes remission and get long-term freedom from diabetes?

As mentioned, diabetes remission needs a multidisciplinary approach and sheer commitment too. There are a few ways in which you can achieve the same: 

1. Planned nutrition:

Nutrition and healthy eating will always be the core of diabetes management and care. That said, don’t just try dieting or following a fad diet to control your blood sugar levels. It doesn’t work that way. At Fitterfly, we have designed a unique diabetes care program – Diabefly Reverse, which helps control blood sugars scientifically and effectively to help keep your numbers within the normal range. Before planning a personalized nutrition plan, your PGR or personalized glucose response is considered. 

PGR or personalized glucose response is basically how your blood sugar responds to various foods. No two people will have the same PGR for the same food. Knowing your PGR helps our coaches draft a customized diet plan that keeps your blood sugars in check. This is done by mapping the food intake and blood sugar readings through the Fitterfly Wellness App or AGM or CGMS devices which gives around 1400 blood sugar readings in 14 days. Without knowing about PGR, blindly shunning carbs and cutting down on fats doesn’t help in the long run.  

2. Exercise and weight loss:

Obesity, particularly abdominal obesity, has been a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Losing even 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can help you control your diabetes better. To control your diabetes, it is necessary to burn more calories and gain muscle strength. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to muscle strength, make bones stronger, improve flexibility, improve posture and balance. This improves glucose sensitivity and helps keep the blood sugar readings under control. Even a 5 percent weight loss has a tremendous effect on diabetes management and improves chances of diabetes remission, reveals study. 

At Fitterfly, our expert team of physiotherapists helps with personalized exercise plans to lose weight and improve insulin sensitivity for better blood sugar control. A detailed physical analysis is done to understand and assess your body and determine what kinds of exercises will be beneficial for you. Regular follow-ups are also done to understand how you are fairing. Apart from leading a healthy life, strengthening muscles, and improving insulin resistance, the exercises are also designed to bring down your BMI within the healthy range of 23 or less. 

3. Shunning the vices:

Smoking, alcohol, irregular sleeping patterns are the culprits that can make your blood sugar readings go haywire and increase complications of diabetes. Taking care of these can help you get your blood sugars within the normal range again. 

4. Manage stress better:

Did you know that chronic stress directly correlates with your blood sugar levels? Unfortunately, chronic stress can also get in your way of proper diabetes management. Managing blood sugar is not always about proper diet and regular exercise; your mental health also matters. Take care of your stress and anxiety levels before it makes your blood sugars go haywire. At Fitterfly, we pay equal attention to one’s mental well-being along with nutrition and exercise. When we do a proper mental well-being analysis of a person, it is seen that often there is a high stressful incidence preceding the diagnosis of diabetes – death in the family, hectic working hours, joblessness. These situations can lead to unhealthy habits that can make one’s blood sugars go haywire. Psycho-therapeutic interventions then become a part of diabetes care and management to help one control the underlying stress and anxiety to achieve better outcomes and sustain them for longer. You can try to bring down the sugar levels with corrective nutrition and exercise, but without tackling the issues that bother you at the core, your stress levels can flare up and lead to high blood sugar numbers later. It can affect your HbA1c readings and lead to consequences.

5. Behavior change:

If you have reached this point of the article then you might have realized that there need some dedicated efforts from your end to keep your numbers in control. Our programs focus more on helping one develop healthy habits and make them a part of their lifestyle. The amount of personalization and handholding are done by experts help one to slowly and steadily get into the habit of eating healthy, doing exercises, managing sleep troubles, calming the mind in stressful situations all of which have a positive impact on one’s blood sugar levels. 

Attaining these health goals will help one take control of blood sugars and you step into the realm of diabetes remission for the better. But one should also keep in mind that remission doesn’t mean a cure for diabetes. You will still need to follow the basics of a healthy lifestyle that you developed to achieve diabetes remission.  

Does that mean people living with diabetes for more than 10 years cannot achieve diabetes remission? 

While that is true to an extent, a lot can be done to manage the condition better and reduce the complications of diabetes. For example, following a corrective lifestyle, proper exercise, and nutrition plans can lessen the dependence on insulin and medication, thereby reducing the risks of complications. To know if you can go into diabetes remission, try our Diabefly Diabetes remission Calculator, which will assess your chance of reversing diabetes by considering your age, gender, BMI, duration of diabetes, current medication, family history of diabetes, and other health conditions. The higher the score, the better your chances of remission.

With Diabefly Reverse, a team of specialists, including – a nutritionist, a certified physiotherapist, and a clinical psychologist, help to achieve individual health goals with tailor-made plans according to one’s needs. To know more about how  Diabefly Reverse and how it can help you smartly take control of your diabetes, visit our website www.fitterfly.com or speak to one of our counselors on 022 48971077.

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