What is diabetes reversal?

For a person with diabetes, diabetes reversal (scientifically known as diabetes remission) is defined as having their HbA1c less than 6.5% (i.e. in the prediabetes stage) without any medications and/or insulin for more than 6 months.

Can everyone reverse their diabetes?

Well, not everyone. Certain factors decide your probability of reversing diabetes. Some of these factors include your age, BMI (Body Mass Index), duration of diabetes, medications and diabetes-related complications. For people who meet the necessary criteria, diabetes reversal is possible under the right guidance when actioned at the right time.

And for those who do not meet the criteria, don’t lose hope, Following the guidelines can help you achieve partial remission - where your blood sugars are better than they were before and your Doctor reduces your medication even if they don’t stop it completely - and that’s a win too!

To know your chances of diabetes reversal, take the Diabefly Reversal Test

About the Diabefly Reversal Test

Designed by the diabetes management experts at Diabefly, the calculator assesses your chance of reversing diabetes by taking into consideration your age, gender, BMI, duration of diabetes, current medication, family history of diabetes and other health conditions. The higher the score is, better your chances of reversal.

Disclaimer: This test is meant only for people with type 2 diabetes and not for those with type 1 diabetes, Gestational Diabetes (GDM), MODY (maturity-onset diabetes of the young) or LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults). Please note that the score generated by this test is only indicative. The chances of reversal differs from person to person and is highly dependent on their many factors. Irrespective of the results of this test, you should always follow up with your Doctor or your diabetes care provider. Check Now