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What is diabetes reversal?

For a person with diabetes, diabetes reversal (scientifically known as diabetes remission) is defined as having their HbA1c less than 6.5% (i.e. in the prediabetes stage) without any medications and/or insulin for more than 6 months.

Can everyone reverse their diabetes

Can everyone reverse their diabetes?

Whether you’ve been taking diabetes medicines for a while now or have just been diagnosed, reducing or avoiding medicines may be a goal which you’ve set for yourself.

Yes, it is possible with some focused efforts and the right mindset.

A better understanding of the science behind diabetes reversal coupled with personalised therapies and expert coaching can help achieve these goals. Based on your health parameters (and the efforts that you put in), you’ll either be able to completely stop medicines or reduce their number and dosage, with a doctor’s advice.

This questionnaire has been designed by top doctors and experts to find what would be possible for you in terms of diabetes reversal. What’s more important is that you’ll be able to reduce the symptoms, the risk of complications, your medical costs and more.

To know your chances of diabetes reversal, take the Fitterfly Reversal Test


About the Fitterfly Reversal Test

Designed by the diabetes management experts at Fitterfly, the calculator assesses your chance of reversing diabetes by taking into consideration your age, gender, BMI, duration of diabetes, current medication, family history of diabetes and other health conditions. The higher the score is, better your chances of reversal.