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Published on: Jul 20, 2021
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How to Control Prediabetes and Stop Its Progression Into Type 2 Diabetes

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If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, we understand it might have taken you by surprise, especially if you followed a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes our blood sugar levels go haywire despite all the health measures we take. Apart from hormones, many factors come into play to keep blood sugar in control – our genetic makeup, BMI, gender, age, gut bacteria, and more.

The complexities of the human body might not be easy to understand, but with a diagnosis like prediabetes, all hopes are not lost. Prediabetes can be controlled, and its progression to type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented.

However, you have to take some proactive steps, upgrade your lifestyle to a healthier one, and save yourself from type 2 diabetes. Let’s understand more about how to control prediabetes.

So, Is Prediabetes Curable?

We know this question might be bothering you the most after the diagnosis. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), prediabetes can be controlled and brought into remission. Management of prediabetes includes lifestyle modifications such as diet changes and regular exercise. In many cases, doctors might also prescribe medication.

Lifestyle modifications always seem doable but need a lot of motivation and dedication to make it an everyday habit and prevent the onset of diabetes. In prediabetes, your blood sugar remains higher than normal.

You may be diagnosed with prediabetes if your:

  • Fasting blood sugar levels are between 100 to 125 mg/dL 
  • HbA1c of 5.6 – 6.4%. 
  • OGTT (checks for blood glucose levels two hours after a 75 g sugar drink): 140- 199 mg/dL

But with proper lifestyle modifications, you can get your HbA1c levels below 5.6%.

Here is How You Can Control Prediabetes:

Prediabetes can be controlled and sent into remission. Here are some ways how to control prediabetes.

1) Lose around 5 to 7 per cent of your body weight

One of the prime risk factors of prediabetes is obesity or being overweight. Excess fat in the body leads to insulin resistance and higher blood sugar levels. If you lose weight and shed the fat, especially around your abdomen, it improves insulin sensitivity and leads to better glucose absorption by the body’s cells. 

The best way to achieve this is to opt for an exercise plan that focuses on cardiovascular exercise and strength training, along with the right diet choices to complement your efforts. This will help you to lose weight and gain muscle strength whilst improving insulin sensitivity.

No more stress while managing diabetes

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2) Eat right

We understand you will want to return to your comfort foods occasionally, but try to eat healthy most of the time and don’t replace your main meals with junk and processed foods.

Treat them as treats and have a balanced diet during your meals. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with fibre and monounsaturated fats, to help control prediabetes and prevent it from progressing to diabetes.

Avoid simple carbohydrates and include more complex carbohydrates in your diet. Replace your white rice, white bread, and white flour with brown rice, millet, quinoa, and whole grains.

It is essential to choose foods that don’t increase your blood sugar levels postprandial. Sometimes even some healthy foods can raise your blood sugar levels. A trained nutritionist can help you draft the right plan for you.

Also, remember that the management of prediabetes goes beyond keeping track of your carbohydrate, proteins, and fats. It would be best to include micronutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and vitamin C.

A deficiency of these essential nutrients hinders functions such as insulin production, glucose absorption, sleep-wake cycle, and heart health.

3) Stop smoking and alcohol

Smoking increases the risk of developing diabetes by manifolds. So, if you are a smoker and have prediabetes, quit ASAP. For the same reasons, avoid alcohol too.

4) Have at least eight hours of good quality sleep

Studies suggest disruptive sleep can affect blood sugar levels and lead to conditions like heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

So make it a point to sleep early and avoid distractions like your smartphone or binging on Netflix at night. To inculcate good sleep habits, try to go to bed an hour earlier than your usual bedtime.

5) Pay attention to your mental health

Stress and anxiety can do a lot of damage to your health and make your blood sugar level go haywire. So take good care of your mental health.

There is ample evidence to suggest that moods, feelings, and thoughts can affect cell functions and make them resistant to insulin, raising blood sugar levels. So, try to tame your mind as you try to control your blood sugar levels.


To reverse prediabetes, a personalised and scientific approach is necessary. Every year 15-20% of people with prediabetes progress to diabetes. A healthy lifestyle can help delay the onset of diabetes and help you live a diabetes-complication-free life for longer – one that is also free from medication.

To learn more about how to control prediabetes, explore and sign up for Fitterfly’s Diabetes Care Program. Our counsellors are always available to help you. Speak to us here!

- By Fitterfly Health-Team
No more stress while managing diabetes

Don’t struggle alone & get the expert care you deserve

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