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Published on: Sep 26, 2022
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Celebrate a Guilt-free Navratri With This Mindful Eating Tips!

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Hey, you! Yes, you! We see you practicing your Garba, and assembling your “festive look”. But are you prepared for the most essential aspect of Indian festivals? FOOD!

Yes, there are a lot of them and a lot of different types of them, and it’s all so delicious and irresistible. But we want to make sure we get ahead of the circle of festive indulgence and the subsequent guilt which results in deprivation, restriction, and over-exercising with expert guidance from our certified clinical psychologist. 

Let’s understand the art of eating mindfully and without guilt this festive season

1. Practice mindful eating

Although festival eating is a high-energy affair, make sure you make time to eat a nice meal peacefully. Try to engage all your senses while you are eating your food.

This will help you appreciate and acknowledge not only what you are eating, how you are eating it, and how it will affect your body.

This will help you make better choices and will allow you to know when to stop. Moderation and mindfulness work hand in hand. 

2. Small and Frequent for the win

To avoid binge eating, eat your meals at regular intervals. Eating small portions will prevent blood sugar fluctuations and also save you from the dreaded food coma of the festival food.

This way you can have your favorite foods multiple times instead of just once. 

3. Always plan ahead

 Pre-plan your cheat meal/cheat snack/indulgence of the day. Planning to eat puri and halwa or indulge in gulab jamun? Make sure that all your other meals are balanced, even when eating indulgent food, try to keep your plate balanced with protein and fiber.

And even when you cheat, make sure you remember the M2 rule of moderation and mindfullness. Allow yourself to immerse in your cheat meals by giving your latest Netflix series a miss while eating! 

4. Listen to your body

Feeling sluggish or too full after a meal? It is a signal from your body that you need to moderate your portions or try a different combination of this meal. Listening to your body and monitoring your blood sugar levels and mood will help you understand the impact of your meal and make better choices next time. 

5. Don’t toss your routine

 We know festivals are an exciting time! Experts celebrate festivals too you know! But remember it is just another day. If you are working towards your health goals then consistency is key.

And it is important to keep your healthy habits going during festivals too to avoid the guilt later. This time is the best time to test your discipline and motivation. Darr ke aage jeet hai guys!

6. Self-love > Self-criticism

 Remember to enjoy all aspects of the festival. This will help take your mind off food and the worries surrounding indulgence. Show off those OOTD and Garba moves. Remember this is a time for family, friends, and fun! 

7. Water is your best friend

 Remember to hydrate yourself, we often get tricked by feeding ourselves when in reality we’re just thirsty. Set hydration alarms on your phone, track your water intake using the Fitterfly App, and carry a bottle of water with you when you leave the house. 

Now that you know how to navigate the festivals like a pro. Don’t forget that festivals are temporary but health is forever. Whatever you do or put in your body will remain even after the festivals.

So, why not enjoy it in moderation without any guilt? And if you need help, guidance, or support you can always reach out to your coaches on the Fitterfly App.  

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- By Fitterfly Health-Team
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