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172% Improvement in Fitness Levels & a Win Over PCOS With HealPCOS

Published on: Aug 13, 2021
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Ms Neha Kochar was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) nine years ago and was on medications to regularise her periods. Unlike what is usually seen with women living with PCOS, Neha was neither overweight nor obese. Her BMI (Body Mass Index) was in the normal range but still the struggles with PCOS were real.

As common in most PCOS cases, she also complained about

  • Severe abdominal pain & cramps during menses, NPRS (Numerical Pain Rating Scale) – 7-8/10
  • Severe acne before & during menses
  • Stubborn acne marks after menses
  • Dull skin
  • Unwanted hair on chin

Ms. Naeha Kochar’s Medical History & Profile

Age Height Weight BMI
29 years 161 cm 59 kg (Before HealPCOS Program) 22.8 kg/sq m (Before HealPCOS Program)

Health Conditions- Clinically diagnosed PCOS and on medications for regular menstrual cycle

Research has time and again shown that a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise can influence your hormones positively, reduce the secondary PCOS concerns & regularise menses.

As part of Neha’s onboarding into HealPCOS, we started off with a detailed Initial Physical Fitness Assessment which plays a crucial role in designing and recommending a personalised exercise prescription.

Ms. Naeha Kochar’s Fitness Outcomes from HealPCOS (3-month results)

Upper Body Strength Test(1 Min. Modified Push-Up Test) 16 22 38%
Lower Body Strength Test(1 Min.Wall-Sit Test) 13.5 sec 57.5 sec 338%
Core Strength Test(1 Min. Sit-Up Test) 26 41 57%
Flexibility Test(V-Sit & Reach Test) 2.4 inches 6 inches 200%
Final Scores 11/44 30/44 172%

Ms. Naeha Kochar’s PCOS Outcomes & Improvements from HealPCOS ( 3-month results)

  • 50% reduction in abdominal pain & cramps during menses, NPRS (Numerical Pain Rating Scale) -4-5/10
  • Reduced acne before and during menses; gets only 1 or 2 spots now
  • No new acne marks seen during or after menses
  • Unwanted chin hair reduced
  • Skin is healthier & glowing
  • Feels physically fit & healthy overall

Neha’s HealPCOS Physiotherapy Journey:

Neha’s journey began with an in-depth medical history and physical fitness assessment. Following that, a personalised exercise prescription was created for her keeping in mind the results of her Initial Fitness Assessment. Her prescription included a mix of cardio and strength-training exercises divided throughout the week.

Her Physiotherapist also counselled Neha on the importance of exercise in managing PCOS, the various types of exercises and the other essential factors needed to get started on her physical activity journey.

Post this, Neha’s Physiotherapist was in constant touch with her to ensure that she was on track and addressed any concerns she might have. At Neha’s mid-program appointment, her Physiotherapist checked on her progress and dialed up her exercise prescription to take her to the next level.

At the end of the program, Neha’s Physiotherapist was happy to see her dedication, results, and improved fitness scores. They closed their session by going over ways in which Neha would continue these exercises after her program was completed.

Our 360-degree approach at HealPCOS helped Neha see positive results in a matter of only 3 months. If you too are looking for help with managing PCOS, consider signing up for HealPCOS – India’s only PCOS management program that has been designed and run by experts. HealPCOS offers highly scientific and personalised care around nutrition, physical activity, and mental well-being to ensure that you get to live the life you dream!

To know more or to sign up for HealPCOS, visit or call +91 22 4897 1077 (Ext 3) .

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