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Apr 2022 | Poster | By Dr Ritika Verma, Sanjay Kalra, Snehal Tanna, Piya Ballani, Om Lakhani, Santosh Thakur, Jaydeep Shinde, Nikhil Chitnis, Mohan Shenoy, Sneha Kothari, Sneha Nikte, Jitendra Ajmera, Ruchira Ranadive, Shilpa Joshi, Dr Arbinder Singal

Improvement in dietary behaviour and glycemic control for people with type 2 diabetes on diabefly® digital therapeutics platform

The need for individualized meal-planning becomes a challenge for effective nutritional management in people with diabetes and in this study the variation in dietary behaviour and glycemic control was analysed in 69 participants of the Diabefly® program. Results revealed that the mean daily calorie, carbohydrate and fat intake was reduced by 16.28 %,18.49 %, and 16.05 % respectively. Similarly, mean reduction in HbA1c, weight and BMI was observed by 1.86 %, 3.17 kg , and 1.11 kg/m2 . In conclusion, after 90 days on the program, impactful changes in dietary behavior and improvement in glycemic control were observed in people with diabetes.

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