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78th Annual Conference of the Association of Physicians of India
Jan 2023

Improved glycemic control and weight reduction after completion of Diabefly® digital therapeutics program among people with T2DM

This study explored the effectiveness of the Diabefly® program for changes in glycemic control and weight among 146 people with T2DM. A Significant reduction in HbA1c by 1.2 % was observed. Among all participants, 91.8% (134/146) showed a reduction in their HbA1c, out of which 56.7 % (76/134) showed a HbA1c reduction of more than 1%. Similarly, weight was reduced by 2.6 kg. Among all the participants, 74.0 % (108/146) reduced their weight, out of which 36.1 % (39/108) showed at least 5 kg weight loss. Thus, Diabefly program can help as a useful adjunct to a doctor's prescription

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