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7th annual conference
Sep 2022 | Poster

Real-world effectiveness of Reset23 digital therapeutics program for effective weight management among PCOS patients

PCOS is closely linked to obesity and weight management has been recommended as the first line of treatment. The current study analyzed the effectiveness of the Reset23 program for weight management among 44 PCOS patients. Significant mean reduction in weight, BMI, and waist circumference was observed by 3.03 ± 2.96 kg, 1.22 ± 1.22 kg/m2 and 2.71 ± 4.41 cm from a baseline of 81.04 ± 14.86 kg, 31.87 ± 5.27 kg/m2 and 97.79 ± 14.20 cm respectively. The Reset23 program was effective in weight management among PCOS patients.

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